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Finally, a place to share your Esoteric “Spiritual Experiences”! 


Discover the truth in all aspects of life, including the Spiritual, Philosophical, Esoteric and Paranormal subjects!

Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts on spirituality, but never felt there was a safe place to do that with like-minded individuals?

Do you have a story to tell about your Esoteric experiences (UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Mysterious Creatures, Angels, Channeling), but never found the right place to share those stories?

Have you ever wanted a place to share your general philosophy, and life gained wisdom in groups of like-minded individuals?

Have you ever wished you could create local meetup groups with the same like-minded individuals?

Do you have an Esoteric based business such as a spiritual shop, card reading, Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga, Naturopathic medicine, Homeopathic medicine etc., and wanted to reach out to communities of people to support your profcssion?

Are you a writer who would like to share your articles regarding the many Esoteric subjects, in a free and open forum that is focused on the subjects you’re interested in?

Do you have questions about spiritual life, and the many subject areas that you would like answered by other experts in your area of interest?

Do you have spiritual stories to tell, that you would like to share in order to help others realize they are not crazy either?

Do you have stories you would like to get out to the masses, and would like to do it anonymously? You can either register at out site anonymously, or as yourself.

Are you a medium or psychic who would like to share your stories through video interviews, or through writing on our blog, or within our open and free social media groups?

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the life of others, such as with sharing your own personal stories and experiences about the spirit world, channeling, or any of the like experiences?

Are you an empath or intuitive, that would like to meet other people with the same gifts, to discuss the blessings and challenges of those gifts?

Would you like to become a leader in the Esoteric community, through having a focused means of communicating your ideas, thoughts and desires with like-minded individuals?

Would you like to do all of the above for free, and without censorship? If so, please sign up now at our website to start sharing on our social media site.


If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you would be a great addition to our ever expanding community of like-minded individuals. Sign up now for free!



We provide a social network for anyone that is spiritually minded, including the many Mediums, Psychics, Empaths and Intuitives out there… as a way to share their personal experiences with the world and each other for Free. Our main goal, is to facilitate the building of strong networks of spiritual people… all helping each other to learn and grow, and to have a safe place to share your own experiences (no matter who you are), and to share in the multi-dimensional changes going on at this time.


Many of us in the Esoteric community know this to be true; that we all feel something big is about to happen, so let’s share our own personal stories, spiritual downloads, and amazing stories of enlightenment. Service to others and knowledge sharing is the main goal of this site. I know this sounds exciting, so don’t delay and register now to start sharing, learning and growing.


Be among the first to start sharing in our groups and forums! Sign up NOW… registration is free and secure! We’ve found that this site can be especially supportive to those who have always wanted to share their experiences… either anonymously by signing up with a pseudonym, or openly as themselves, for the purpose of making a difference, and giving back.


Our site is also a great resource for psychics and mediums to come together and talk openly or anonymously about their own life experiences. One of the ideas is with merging mediumship with life coaching, for the sake of teaching people how to open up spiritually, and to help them in their everyday lives. If you’ve ever wanted to merge your gifts of spirit and guide communication with life coaching, this is the platform for you.


Note: Although we allow some link backs to your site, false accounts used exclusively for personal gain will be immediately deleted, and illegal or unethical behavior will be tracked, reported to authorities, and disabled until it can be investigated. All other legitimate accounts will remain private and protected, with absolutely no information shared outside of this website, without full and written consent. Advertising for your own business will become available over time, but not allowed directly in our forums to keep the purpose of the site focused on helping each other grow spiritually.



Definition of: es·o·ter·ic.

Definition of: es·o·ter·ic.


intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest:

“esoteric philosophical debates”

synonyms: abstruse · obscure · arcane · recherché · rarefied · recondite · abstract · enigmatic · inscrutable · cryptic · Delphic · complex · complicated ·




Join now for your own community driven, community focused discussion groups. 


On our blog we’ll be discussing many different subjects of the Esoteric nature; especially focused on spiritual and self motivational subjects, and the commonalities we “spiritually focused” individuals all share. Get Esoteric also invites you to participate on our Forums in discussions that you are passionate about, which can include most any subject of an Esoteric nature, including truth seeking, yoga, enlightenment, and the mysterious etc.. 


We don’t allow extremely negatively focused discussions in our groups, or on our forums, because that is not our focus here. Our focus is in finding ways to share positively focused experiences and ideas. This includes subjects of inspiration and hope, rather than to allow subjects such as politics, and the proliferation of any one religious ideal. Religion can be discussed, but not in the context of what is right or wrong, as each has their own truth. There are many paths to the truth, and it is in the positively focused truth of the commonalities of many religions that we all share, that will be the focus here, as well as many other non religious spiritual ideas.  


We also discuss subjects pertaining to self motivation, self love, forgiveness, manifestation, coaching, mediumship, psychics, and the power that your understanding of those areas has, with changing your reality, some of which is backed by science and quantum theory. We know this’ll become your place for sharing your own ideas, and experiences with the world, and with those that are like minded… when it comes to the idea of being a truth seeker in all aspects of your life, especially spiritually and interpersonally.


Sign up now – our groups and forums are free, and enjoy your discussions through our social media based interface, and eventually our vast collection of information for free. Mediums and psychics are encouraged to share their personal experiences, in order to help others realize the amazing abilities we are all capable of. Isn’t it time we had a place where people could talk openly about their experiences, and how sharing this knowledge… can help people awaken to the power of who they really are?


Earn your position as a moderator through being a good community member, to help keep our community safe and peaceful for all of our members. The admin is currently looking for good people to help moderate subjects, and help support our mission. Use the contact US section to apply, and put moderator in the subject line.


Get Esoteric is working to help the enlightenment of humanity through social media, and blogging. Enjoy you visit with Get Esoteric, and have fun sharing your thoughts, and getting to know each other!


Lets Get Esoteric!


If you are a writer in the area of things Esoteric and would like to publish an article, or story, please submit your request through our websites “Contact US” section for review. Also submit a request here if you are already in a group, and would like to setup your own local event for users to subscribe to. Give us a few days to review because of the number of requests to review, can be high at times.


Disclaimer: The groups and forums here, as well as our Blog does not claim to professionally treat or cure any disease. Please consult your Doctor or proper medical professional before incorporating any suggestions shared by our members or our blog contributors. The information shared here is to help with your own research and information sharing, and allows you to make your own decisions based on the information presented.

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