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You can post your own VLogs here, or your audio files converted to video format. We can do the conversion to VLog format for you.

So if you have a library of mp3s or other video formats, we can work to try to convert them over.

This is an example listing here for now. Use the contact US section to get your videos posted here, or to embed your YouTube videos.


Audio Files

Kris Anne Hall! Article-2-Power_of_the_President.mp3 Article-V-Part-02.mp3 Article-V-Part-02.mp3...

What’s in your bug-out bag? 11-21-2021

Tonight is the kickoff for a new series called “What’s in your bug-out bag?” We...

GetEsoteric Live with Dave Dennis 11-14-2021

Live With Rick Maki @GetEsoteric GetEsoteric – Live Chat Feed.. You won’t want to miss...

Today’s News! – Nov 7th 2021

Today’s News! November 7th 2021 Start at 44:00 Minutes! 🙂   What do you think of this...

Sept 2nd News

  September 2nd news and happenings of the day … let’s keep this going!   What...

My personal experiences, part1!

GetEsoteric – Our spiritual experiences – Skip to 36 minute mark or so for the start of...

Georgia Guide Stones, what do you think?

First 10 minutes or so is wait time, with the first half a review of the site features and backup...

Jan 6th joint commission?

This is a discussion about the proposed January 6th joint commission! What about real terrorist...

Fireside Chat 5

Hello folks we have our best video and audio this week, just the beginning of some really great...

Fireside Chat 4

This Weeks Fireside Chat – Mothers Day 05/11/2020 – Our special guest was Doc Skinner!...


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