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You can post your own VLogs here, or your audio files converted to video format. We can do the conversion to VLog format for you.

So if you have a library of mp3s or other video formats, we can work to try to convert them over.

This is an example listing here for now. Use the contact US section to get your videos posted here, or to embed your YouTube videos.


Lets Talk Corona and Faith!

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learning non reaction

This video covers briefly the idea of non-reaction, and how non-reaction, and doing our inner work...

Website Overview and Remote Interviews!

Today we discuss the features of our website, as well as the offerings we have with doing remote...

An Empaths Challenge – Being overly compassionate!

Here today we discuss one of the most challenging things to balance as an Empath! It’s knowing...

New updates to our groups area!

Let us know if you find any bugs, and we’ll try to address them as soon as possible. Your...


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