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You can post your own VLogs here, or your audio files converted to video format. We can do the conversion to VLog format for you.

So if you have a library of mp3s or other video formats, we can work to try to convert them over.

This is an example listing here for now. Use the contact US section to get your videos posted here, or to embed your YouTube videos.


Jan 6th Commission, The V, UFOs, and Holograms!

Jan 6th Commission,  The V, UFOs, and Holograms! What do you think of this...

Survival Gagets!

Tonight we talk a little about survival, and some of the basic tools that can be very helpful. Not...

Discussing the fear of the current state of the world!

Discussing some of the severe fear around the current state of the world, and maybe how to look at...

Fireside Chat 3

This week we cover the events of the week, from Trumps therapies, to beaches being closed, to herd...

There is No turning back. Are you Ready?

Rick Maki was live with 1028 live, white mountains AZ! 1028 PRODUCTIONS 1.94K subscribers SUBSCRIBED...

March for America: The Real Story

Was on Appola Asterias show, with Ben Chasteen, Jermain, Scott and Brooks Agnew! Continuing the...

It has hit the fan!

IT HAS HIT THE FAN! https://www.getesoteric.com/GEShared/streaming_vids/HitTheFan.MP4 1028...

Water Side Chat 1

The Great Divide! – It’s not helpful! Let’s talk about reeling it all back in, and...

Fireside Chat 2

Thanks so much to our awesome guests on this weeks Fireside Chat! Deserie Foley, Steve Anthony...

Fireside Chat 1

San Lau all the way from London – Amazing healing modality! I recommend putting your headset...


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