Fireside Chat 1

San Lau all the way from London – Amazing healing modality! I recommend putting your headset on, and getting comfortable! You’ll definitely feel the healing vibrations from her light language!

Wow! The healing modality Tachyon Soulprint is based on stellar/light language that aims to send healing to the human psyche, DNA and soul consciousness. It starts with connecting with someone’s soul blueprint in sound/ song that deepens soul connection thus healing. It is connected to toroidal energy, zero-point energy and sacred geometry.

Areas covered including Stellar DNA Activation, Purification of sexual energy, Soul awakening esp. Starseed awakening, interdimensional healing and in general energy healing and clearing.

 Thank you 😇✨🙏 From Tod Hassmann to Everyone: 06:46 PM ECETI.ORG Healing Negative Influences created by James Gilliland.

Creates sacred space for you before any spiritual practices, and helps you connect with your higher-self, Ascended Masters, and Source Itself. Love and Light to you all! 💖💖💖 From En to Everyone: 06:53 PM thank you San and all for your beautiful medicinal sounds! From san to Everyone: 07:00 PM FB: Tachyon Soulprint San Lau


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