GetEsoteric Live with Dave Dennis 11-14-2021

Live With Rick Maki @GetEsoteric
GetEsoteric – Live Chat Feed..
You won’t want to miss Dave’s updates, as well as the beautiful meditation he gave at the end.
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Coming to you live all around the world! 9PM Eastern
Hello folks for our weekly LIVEs, here are the instructions for our weekly show, or even for our ad hoc lives! if you want to chat or be a guest on the show. Click on the “more link” below to see both setup links.
(First step): If you do the following just once, we won’t have that problem with the chat name passthrough from Facebook anymore. You only have to do the following step once. Set it and forget it
To fix the Facebook chat… click here and allow Facebook access to restream!
(Second Step): to dial in as a guest on the show, you’ll have to click on the link below. Up to 10 participants are allowed there.
Otherwise if you’re not participating live… you can just keep watching on Facebook or YouTube. Or you can alternatively tune in on our website directly. This will also work if we get cutoff here on the live.
To join us live as a guest on the show (Video & Audio, or just Audio),. click this link!
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