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Welcome Everyone!



Welcome to the Get Esoteric Blog, and website! We’re here to help you facilitate and organize your sharing of information and life gained wisdom. Not only will we be providing information from various Esoteric resources regarding many subject areas, but we’re also providing a platform for sharing general ideas and information. Our format is very similar to many social networking sites like Facebook, and we can even embed your public group Facebook feeds if it serves our community at large.

Our format is a little bit easier to navigate than Facebook, and can be grouped how we want it to be. Users will be recruited over time as self guided moderators, so that content can be watched by many trusted users, for quality and respectfulness. No level of bullying, or abuse will be tolerated, and any threats will be reported to the proper authorities. All communication’s are logged, and tracked for the safety of our users, and can be reported as inappropriate anywhere on the site. Our site is fully SSL compliant so your personal information is secure. Join us for a chance to be in on the ground floor opportunity, with what we feel will become one of the best spiritual, and Esoteric information sharing sites in the world. Join now to start sharing, and earn your opportunity as a moderator of your community. The community will consist of esoteric, spiritual, empathic, motivated, loving individuals from all around the world. 


The Choice Point Concept:



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We at Get Esoteric believe the choice points in our lives, have vast and significant meaning for our personal development. We believe that people come into this life with a mission, and a set of goals to accomplish. Each of us has our own set of challenges, blessings and talents. Each individual is just that; an individual… and no matter the labels we place on people, there is purpose behind the existence of each and every one of us. We believe that there is good and bad in our lives, because the contrast In life is there for us all to learn from. We may at times worry about all the negative things we see in the world, and can tend to get crippled by what we see at times, but there is a different way to look at those things. There are far more positive people, and positive situations in the world than any negative. We just have to switch our focus a bit, and realize the power we have when we come together with the main goals we all have, with living a life of love, happiness and peace. Lets work toward making a difference in the world through the sharing of compassionate ideas for healing and transformation. This all begins with you!

If we look at the challenges we face in life as part of our path towards enlightenment; with the bad things introduced so we have a way to understand the good in the world, then we’ll begin to gain back our own personal power. The power we all have in overcoming our fears, our resentment, and our overall challenges. The choice points are those key moments in our lives, where we can decide to listen to what the universe and our hearts are telling us, or to ignore it out of fear. Sometimes we feel helpless in knowing exactly how we should go about getting better at making decisions; specifically at those choice points in our lives.


Share your ideas, and open your world!


Get Esoteric is here to provide both a medium of sharing ideas, as well as our authored blog for general advice… based exclusively on personal research, and through the sharing of our authors experiences and successes. None of what will be shared here is a replacement for medical or behavioral treatments, and we don’t claim to have all the answers, or any specific cures. We’re here to present ideas, to share and allow it’s members to present their own advice as well, through their own experiences and their own research, and to make up our own minds through having all the information and options presented.

We are not affiliated with the creators of the movie the choice point, but use it as our first example of the quality information which’ll be shared and organized on our sites blog and forum discussion areas. It’ll be our easy access and organization of information on this site, that’ll make it a valuable resource in your own spiritual and personal journey.

Choice Point is a world-class documentary with the inspired goal of unlocking the secrets at the heart of transformational change. Is it true that we are all interconnected so that when one person transforms their life, they actually contribute positively to the reshaping of the entire world?

In the hope of answering that one riveting question, Choice Point features major visionaries and inspirational figures of our time, including Sir Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gregg Braden, Jack Canfield, Barbara Hubbard, John Paul DeJoria, and James Caan, each of whom has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles in life, to ultimately reach the pinnacle of true success – both personally and professionally.

Juneva offers as part of our bioenergetic therapy the entire Choice Point course to help realign your purpose as part of your personal healing journey.



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