Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear!

Sometimes, when we look at the world, or if you are newly awakening to the strangeness of things, it can become overwhelming, and sometimes very scary.


I’ve personally been trough a lot of fairly severe scenarios in my life, at the hands of major corruption. These are things that people generally never discuss in detail out of fear. Some day I’ll be able to share my entire story, but there are enough scenarios in this world for people to point to anyway.


The thing to realize is… there is a higher level power that sits above governments, and you can call it whatever you like. The name doesn’t really matter. But the goal for groups like the WEF for example, are to have full and total control over society. The societies of the entire world! All you have to do is think deeper about agendas like climate change, or social issues that are set to divide us all, instead of bringing us together so we can love and support each other.


Media, and government likes to pit one against the other, old against the young, black against white, gay against straight, religious against the spiritual, educated against uneducated etc. The goal of division is to keep us from realizing what we came here for… into this life in the first place.


We all came here with our own unique mission, and our own unique roles to play. Some are here to play a darker role for a period of time, so that humanity has enough contrast, so that very deep lessons can be learned. Without the extreme contrast of duality, it would be impossibly to learn anything this profound about love, self love, compassion and forgiveness.


People often wonder, why there’s so much crime, why there’s so much poverty, yet never bother to look into what may be causing it. The problem is we live in a system of slavery, distraction and divide. We also live in a system of brainwashing, and conditioning that keeps us with our heads just above water, and sometimes gasping for breath.


We’re taught that we live in a world with limited resources, yet the rich never seem to have this issue. We have systems that value things like games and sports over that of those that educate generations of people! We know that secret societies, are behind the collective plan to have full and total control over society. The ones that know this have either had direct experience, or have validated this fact, through the the many hundreds/thousands of whistle blowers over the years.


The problem with some people is they require solid evidence on paper… before they believe something like this is actually going on. The problem is, programs like this are not directly evident, until you bump up against it yourself. Evil isn’t going to publish an all inclusive book on their evil deeds, and plans. All we can ever have is our intuition, and our individual experiences and testimonies, as well as our own intentional research. You can be rest assured however, that there are people working in the background against this evil power structure, to expose the injustices, and the abuse. They derive their strength from their faith in God, and knowing God will always win in the end. Evil hates this, and wants to convince you otherwise in any and all ways. Much of society is setup to keep you from realizing who you are and where you come from.


All you really need for evidence when listening to testimony is what resonates in your heart. The thing is, all truth comes from the heart, but can be clouded by negative emotion and fear. The goal of evil is to always keep you in a state of fear and loathing. The system of control bombards you on a daily basis, with programming that loosens morals, causes division, and spreads the idea of hate over forgiveness. And once they have you in fear, they can even use parts of religion to further control your emotion, and keep you in fear of God too. Fear that you will be cast into the fires of hell, if you don’t live a perfect life.


God doesn’t expect perfection, because he created all that is. Even the evil ones playing a temporary role for the goal of humanities ascension, are part of God. The only task of this life is to learn to forgive, to seek justice peacefully, and without hate, and to learn compassion, love and empathy. The way of the peaceful warrior is so important to learn, so that all of humanity can finally come together. To come together to eliminate the need for the infinite Karmic wheel. It doesn’t make sense for this to even exist in a world that is becoming awake and aware to their slavery. To their mind control!


But we don’t get there with more war, more hate, more intolerance. We get there by loving and supporting each other. However, that does not mean we accept evil, even if in the end we must look deeper at forgiveness. Most evil is misguided, and only serves for us to learn from. It will never win out in the ultimate end, because God is in control of the outcome.


Regardless, of a certain amount of free will, we have to remember that God always has the last say in the reason for the Duality game in the first place. Our task first is to wake up to the game that evil is trying to perpetually instill in people.


They use distractions like sports addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, hyper religion as tools of full and total social control. As distractions from your purpose, and intentions for this life. And on top of that there is technology and mass mind control techniques used in media, and news to retrain your brain in ways that are dis-empowering. It drives a sort of unrealistic set of standards onto society, where the only people that are valued, are the ones that excel, or are considered the elite ones.


For far too long, society has adopted the idea that the value of a person is in some kind of artificially perceived perfection. Either that be with intelligence, beauty or financial success. This isn’t how God looks at people, he looks at them all as his creations, and values each and every one of us exactly the same. Where differences are merely an opportunity for us to support and love each other. To help each other heal, and be the best versions of ourselves. Even the evil ones deserve to heal, and change, and ultimately will have no choice other than to do just that.


That is because the evil ones are much fewer than the good ones, and they are only allowed to hold this power if we continue to let them. And if you continue to fear what they do, and continue to support it through ignorance, they will keep causing chaos and destruction. Eventually if we don’t wake up as a collective, we’ll all be enslaved for many more centuries to come. However, I believe humanity is really ready to wake up as a collective, with the sheer amount of truth being shared on social media. Even with the algorithms of social control, they cannot keep up with the demand for truth, nor can they stop God’s plan for ascension.


God/Source (pick your favorite name for the one infinite creator) wants us to choose love and forgiveness, and to learn the power of self love and being of service in this life. This truth… is honestly the only lesson for the collective to be able to eliminate the need for duality. To be of service to others in balance with also caring for ourselves and others… mind, body and spirit. The system of evil will have you too busy to even care for ourselves, with striving to survive with a system of monetary slavery that is controlled by a central banking cartel like the Federal reserve.


It still baffles me to this day, that most people have no idea that it’s global banking cartels that setup the Federal reserve in the first place, to create a fiat currency system, to totally manipulate the lives of the people all around the world. The Fed is NOT part of our federal government, but is named in such a way to keep people from asking questions, and in the dark about their agenda. If you are one of those people, it’s time for you to start researching for yourself. The public libraries of the world, especially the legal libraries have all you need to validate any facts. But most people are kept too busy, and are unwilling to do that research out of fear, or those distractions I discussed before.


There are non-elected Oligarchs in this world (with major power and influence over society and governments), usually associated with secret societies… that are trying to create a one world governance as well as a one world religion. Don’t believe me, do your own research and see for yours. Not just Googling. Take notes, and look at alternative and official sources. Mind controlled news broadcasting is NOT research!


All you have to do is look deeper and use the way back machine to research website like the WEF, to see what they are up to, and the trails of evidence they leave behind, and eventually attempt to cover up. And then just go back to your communities, and news stations to see exactly what they are trying to do with programming the mind of people using fear, not science. Ideas like 15 minute cities,where you will own nothing and be happy, by the year 2030, is just one of those things people need to be aware of. Not to be afraid, but to be aware, so we can finally put an end to the agendas of social control.


We are at a major tipping point for humanity, where it’s time we reached into our own hearts, for inspiration, direction, purpose and faith. All things written by man, have been manipulated for the purpose of social control and fear. They create the problems and addictions of this life, only to then come in as the savior. When that so called safety net is nothing of the sort. All it does is trap you into guilt, and condemnation. They use half truths, to pull you in with indisputable truths of basic philosophy, then hit you with the rules they setup to keep you in dogmatic fear.


They have forever used a system of keeping people struggling and in fear, anxiety and depression. To push you further and further away from any idea of God. And if you do choose God, they will tell you how to believe, instead of focusing on your heart. What your heart and God is telling you directly. They will demonize anything that comes naturally to you, such as medium-ship, psychic abilities, or intuitive knowing.


Religion will say those things are evil, when they are actually what God has given to us as gifts of faith. They want you to be powerless, and dependent on them for your power, by controlling every aspect of your life. You cannot even legally collect rain water in some states for example. Slowly getting you to buy into the fact that it’s for the common good, while you die of thirst!


They infiltrate the world of spiritualism with spell casting, and dark ideas of spiritualism. Satanic rituals etc. This is all to attempt to discredit all of the esoteric world, and to demonize anything that falls outside of the Religious control structures.


Satanism in a sense is a controlled opposition campaign designed to further keep fear stoked. Satanism is closely linked to secret societies, but so are subsets of most organized religions. The fact that the most influential churches have been able to get away with horrific acts of predatory abuse for so long. That should be enough for anyone to begin to wake up to the fact that there’s always an agenda behind things that control people, and allow them to be used and abused in so many ways.


So, how do we fight this evil, and stay out of fear? We use our strong faith in God/Source to overcome and forgive it all. To realize we are not here to judge, only to seek enlightenment and knowledge, while evil attempts to keep you distracted away from the power of connecting directly with God. Without some kind of system of control put between you and God.


When you study for example hundreds and thousands of cases, of near death experiences, and medium-ship readings. Even university studies cannot explain the miracles associated, and must conclude that not only are the concepts of life after death real, so are the possibilities of multiple lifetimes. Many of life’s mysteries are solved through intentional observation, and intuitive truth seeking!


Is there only one God, or multiple expressions of God? It is my belief through years of deep research and personal experience, that God will present itself with whatever you will accept. But only in positive ways. If it’s not positive like Satanism – that is not God, that’s just pure evil and manipulation. Part of the same system of control and fear. Through my research on near death experiences, and medium-ship readings, I have to unequivocally conclude, that God is multi expressive, and all inclusive. God does not condemn – we do. God does not hate its own creation. Even some have asked during near death experiences, why god sometimes presents as Buddha, Ganesha, Jesus or whatever. The answer is always “we show you what you will accept”… but all is one in the same when focused on the core messages of each positively based religion or philosophy such as Taoism for example. God is love, god is light, god is forgiveness.


Earth is a temporary school of learning, but is not meant to be feared, or destroyed by evil! We are supposed to learn lessons, and ascend beyond the need for duality. Eventually, as the collective humanity learns it’s lessons, there will no longer be a need for the dark roles. And those roles will be brought to justice, forgiven, and eventually eliminated… because God will have no need to create people that play those roles anymore. There would be no need at all for darkness on this planet, and no need to further divide and enslave it’s people for the power, comfort and control of the few!


Looking into evil, is not bad (or low vibration), but you have to be ready spiritually to look into it, without lowering your vibe, and dropping into fear. And will need to keep a balance of knowing and remaining unaffected by what you see, to keep the vibration high. To see all of the connections, is important for our understanding of this complex world, and just how much we need to demand our freedom from evil. It must be called out, in order for us to know what we have participated in, so we don’t end up destroying ourselves, and this planet. Yes you are participating if you are ignorant/complacent/indifferent, and choose to keep your head totally in the sand about the suffering at the hands of a few.


How can we sit by and watch our fellow men and women suffer, become drug addicted, impoverished, and hungry (and blame them for their circumstances)! This is not necessary, when we have plenty of resources on this planet to support and heal everyone! We should be putting the responsibility of managing pollution for example… onto those that create the products that create the pollution in the first place. Yes we need to do our part, but when technology is suppressed in the name of making a few people rich, and the rest of us slaves, we absolutely must wake up, and demand change.


More and more people are awakening to the system of slavery, and the fact that it is totally out of control. The war engine, and the push towards world war 3, are all tools to bring in their ultimate goal of permanent enslavement and total control over society and all governments (united nations agenda as a tool). We must not awaken angry however, but we must demand our God given rights and freedoms given to us by God, be preserved. Yes the Constitution has been written to protect those rights, but it has been perverted through interpretation in case law. Decision by those that don’t always have your best interest at heart. By those who want to see a civil war in this country…  to take full and total control over society one country at a time.


Not every country is protected by a Constitution, which is the main reason people seek to come to America. But in more recent years, they have allowed people who hate this country (through their own indoctrination/brainwashing) to freely flow over our boarders, unfettered, and without regard to our immigration laws. Without the rule of law, you will have no country to speak of. In a perfect world, we’d not need borders or laws, because people would intrinsically manage themselves. But in the meantime, we need laws to keep our society safe from evil, and darkness. And we have to stop referring historically to our growing pains, when we can only move forward with how things are now. To do the best with what we have, and to come together and not use the past to further divide us! To keep us blind to the power we have in all connecting to each other at the heart, and with one goal in mind. To love and support each other, and spread the idea of living under our God given rights around the world, so that immigration does not need to be so drastic. All people should be able to find peace, and support no matter where they are on this planet!


Our country was founded on the idea that our rights come from God, and that we trust in God only. This right does not come from any Government. We need laws that are created by and for the people only. To protect the rights of it’s citizens over the rights of the government. America, was never meant to fall to the idea of Tyranny, and in fact it’s Constitution still in many ways protects it’s citizens from full and total control. But this is why there is such an extreme push to make the Constitution irrelevant, and to use case law, and other executive orders, and corrupt Congressional laws… to try to subvert it.


However, with all that is going on in this world, if we can only all awaken to the truth, and fearlessly expose it’s reality, while building our faith directly with God, we can then begin to bring humanity to the tipping point! We need to do away with any and all social control systems, that do not have the best interest of the citizens at heart, like just laws do!


We will need to dig deep on our faith, begin to only listen to our hearts, and not the TV programming, and the division game. We need to turn off all programming, that is not high vibration, or positive. That includes, food that destroys our bodies, music and TV that destroys our minds, and behaviors, and advertising that destroys our morals, values and spirit. We need to finally do away with the need for escapism, by embracing our purpose here in this life.


The purpose of this life… is to eventually come together at the heart, and to not let our differences be used against us to destroy each other. The goal of evil, is to create villains out of us, so that we destroy ourselves… while they sit back and reap the benefits of being called in as our saviors. The saviors of the easily manipulated! The useless eaters as they have sometimes referred to us as. They really put themselves in the place of God, when you buy into the system of slavery, and just go along to get along.


We are allowing this through our fear and ignorance (complacency), and unwillingness to learn the truth of what goes on in this life. It really doesn’t matter of you choose to keep your head in the sand, because eventually you will bump up against reality, and totally shocked and unprepared with the truths you are learning. You must spiritually prepare yourself (through building a strong faith)… for the revelations to come, and not be so devastated at your choice to remain in the dark, and part of the problem, by buying into your own system of enslavement and ego.


They’ll use your past traumas in life, to pit us against each other, and keep you fearful and distracted. To create false narratives, that don’t really exist. At least not to the extent they want you to believe! Yes there are always problems with some people, but the majority of people on this planet are good, and just want to express and experience true love. To be of service in some way, and to enjoy their time here. Without love, no amount of material wealth will bring you happiness. Without care for others, we are empty and useless, and without any value. To live a life only by what you can take from it, is exactly where evil wants you to be!


Evil wants you sick, tired, scared, and dependent on their systems of social control for everything. For how you think, for how you live, and for making you feel as though you are not enough with narcissistic ego latent comparison. They want you focused on hate, envy, measuring up to others, or some ridiculous standards – instead of focusing on real health, compassion and love.


They want you distracted with our differences, instead of the basics of what we all want. Short against tall, fat against skinny, wealthy against poor, beautiful against the perception of ugly, smart against the perception of being considered dumb. Anything they can find to make you feel like you can only be happy unless you are outdoing others, instead of helping to build each other up! They want you to look down on others, and think you are better than someone that is not measuring up to some societal standard. They want you to constantly be wearing a mask, and to never live authentically. They want you to wallow in your trauma, rather than to learn to forgive and heal!


However, the simple answer to it all…. is in the strength of your faith! Not in the dogmatic aspects of religion, but within your direct faith in God. Without distortion, and without brainwashing or mind control. Your heart is the only place for your truth and salvation, and for the salvation of humanity. The heart is the only place to find love, or to find and experience the love of God!


All answers are right there in your heart, not in your head, and not through your programming, or religious dogmas! God speaks only to our hearts, and souls directly, and it does NOT require anything but to allow God to guide us with the intrinsic values he has given to us all, and to find our purpose so that we can all be a part of humanities ascension. We are preparing for a great revealing, but we must do our part for it to come to fruition in this lifetime!


I hope some of this resonates with your hearts, and that it truly inspires you to seek truth in both the light and the dark places, so that we can shine the final light of God… and solve the puzzle of the Slavery we’ve been under for too many years now! It’s time we stand with 100 percent confidence in Gods plan, without fear, and with nothing but pure faith in God. Knowledge is power, and the truth will always reveal itself in the end! Those of us that know, will be here to help you heal when the tipping point is ultimately realized. Nothing can stop Gods plan, so be prepared with your faith for what’s to come! A new world, and beautiful future for humanity if we can all finally wake up and come together in love, faith and harmony, from the heart and soul!


God bless!


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