PART 3: Mrs Wilkins, Australia Prophesy & Spirit World Demo …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

David Dennis © 2020

PART 3: Mrs Wilkins, Australia Prophesy & Spirit World Demo



My early working years were much like those of many young guys. I worked in the international division of a major UK bank in London. I had one serious relationship which I right royally screwed up, and lots of false starts. I played soccer, hung out with the lads, and drank far too much beer. But shortly after breaking up with my first girlfriend, I was drawn to an elderly psychic lady named Mrs Wilkins, who had conducted an accurate psychic reading for one of my friends. As soon as I walked in, she informed me that my late paternal Grandad had walked into the room with me. She then told me much about his former life, before informing me that by the age of 40, I’d be living with a partner and two children in, of all places, Australia! This fascinated me, as I told my mother when I was only ten that one day, I would emigrate to either San Diego, Sydney, or Vancouver.

When I challenged Mrs Wilkins’ prediction, she said: “Well, if it doesn’t come true, there’s no point coming back to me, because I’ll be long gone by then.” I then asked her two questions: “Is there a hell?” and “How do I know you’re really talking to my Grandad and not reading my mind?” She speared me with her ice-blue eyes and replied: “People create their own hell.” She then laughed and said Grandad would provide me with proof of the afterlife, which would come in handy in the future. She told me that I had pills (vitamins), which I kept in a draw in my bedroom cupboard, which I did. She instructed me to check the draw every day but not to remove them. She said that one day they would disappear. I could search the entire house but wouldn’t find them. One day when I least expected it, they would turn up in a place where I could not possibly have missed them.

I went home, and, sure enough, the vitamin pills were in the draw where I kept them. I checked the draw every day for three weeks until one evening I came home from work to find them gone. I searched high and low and challenged my parents, but neither had been into my room nor opened the draw in my cupboard. Four weeks later, I came home to find them sitting slap bang in the center of my bedroom windowsill. It totally freaked me out. When I challenged mum, she swore she had not been in my bedroom or put them there.

I didn’t realize at the time, but I now believe that encounter with Mrs Wilkins had been carefully arranged to set me up for the future. Not only did it confirm to me that the spirit world exists, but it also confirmed that entities from other planes or dimensions can interact with us on a physical as well as a psychic level. Shortly after that encounter, I was relocated by my employer to a place called Redhill, Surrey and bought a house in the neighboring county of West Sussex. By now I’d completely dismissed Mrs Wilkins’ prediction that I would move to Australia. Little was I to know that an apparently chance meeting with a girl from Adelaide, four years later, would lead me to migrate to Australia. In the meantime, I was to undergo several pleasant and not so pleasant experiences that appear to have been specifically designed to prepare me for the journey ahead.

End of Part Three (Previous parts saved within group feed)


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