PART 1: Guide Contact, Astral Training, and Visit to a Former Home …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

David Dennis © 2020

PART 1: Guide Contact, Astral Training, and Visit to a Former Home.



As a young child growing up in Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, England during the Sixties I was surprised and disappointed to find what a primitive society I’d been born into. It was cold, drab, and often wet or icy in the winter months, and not that crash-hot in the other three seasons either. My parents and other people stuck ridiculous white & brown sticks in their mouths, which they set alight and polluted the air with plumes of foul-smelling toxic smoke. Primitive petrol and diesel-driven chariots trundled along the street, and huge chimneys spewed out great funnels of thick smoke, which added to the pollution. Contributing to my surprise and disappointment, was the total lack of understanding and empathy that my parents displayed for my discomfort. Not only this, but they didn’t understand my confusion or concern that strange entities could enter and leave my bedroom at night and talk to me in my dreams. Some of these entities were friendly, others not so. I only liked the friendly ones, because they taught me things and seemed to understand me in ways that my parents couldn’t.

It, therefore, came as a great relief when I saw the first Dr Who show in 1963 and realized that at least someone out there seemed to understand fundamental physics that extended beyond 3-dimensional reality and third-density awareness. After all, time is illusionary, time travel possible, and all-time periods exist simultaneously, do they not???

I was also very much relieved when several years later a young man visited me one night in my dreams and reminded me of some of the basic skills required to navigate the Astral plane. I’m not sure of his name, but I used to talk to my parents about an invisible friend named Thumb-foot, who always watched over me and talked to me on my toy telephone. I loved my toy phone because I’d seen real ones on TV and in other people’s homes, but my parents did not possess a real one at the time. Anyway, on with my dream involving the entity, I’ll refer to as Thumb-foot. We were suddenly standing in my parent’s back yard and Thumb-foot taught me (or reminded me) how to levitate, float and return to the sky-world from which I’d come. First, he said, I had to relax and allow myself to tilt or fall backwards without any fear. Once I achieved this and found myself floating a few feet off the ground, he told me to imagine myself getting lighter, which would permit me to rise in a straight line high into the air directly overhead. I did as he said and levitated effortlessly high above Westcliff-On-Sea. When I looked down, I could see my parent’s three-bedroom semi and surrounding gardens lying far below. I could also see rooftops and yellow and white streetlights scattered for miles all around. It was a magnificent sight. I felt exhilarated at having been released from my restrictive physical body and able to travel anywhere at will. After marveling at my wonderful and liberating experience, I returned to my parent’s back yard. I then awoke, feeling energized, relaxed, and invigorated in my bed.

A few years later, I dreamed that I awoke and walked through the bedroom door (which was located where a built-in cupboard existed in the wall directly opposite my real bedroom door). What I discovered, to my excitement, was a white landing area from which descended a magnificent white spiral staircase. This led down to the reception hall of a great white mansion. Finally, I thought, I’m home in my real house. I walked back into the bedroom from which I’d emerged, (also a huge, pristine-white chamber), only to awaken moments later in my real bedroom. This was far smaller than the magnificent bedroom of my dream and very mundane. I was so upset, with the dream having been so vivid, that I rushed to the cupboard, tore open the door and cried aloud when I discovered the pokey little space contained within. From that day on, I resolved to rediscover my old bedroom, the magnificent white spiral staircase, and the glorious mansion, which I knew to be either a former home or my true home.

End of Part One

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