Waiting on the path

Waiting on the path


Life and it’s purpose 12/09/2017 

When thinking about life and its purpose we usually talk about and associate it with our path. The path meaning: we are either on or off of our path at any given moment. Recently a person asked me what I thought déjà vu was, and I said “I think déjà vu is a marker showing us that we are still on our path, and that we are actually reaching our milestones”. I personally believe that we come into this life, with a set of goals to accomplish on our path, and that when we are on that path and aligning ourselves with our purpose, we are as a result of making good and healthy choices… experiencing a generally happy life. So, we end up getting those déjà vu moments that help to remind us, that we are actually doing what we came here to do. In contrast – we experience much depression and anxiety, when we know we are not making decisions that support our higher self, and the goals we came here to experience. Not all of our choices on the path are meant to be positive (and are there for our learning and growth), but our reactions to every situation can be more directed in a positive way, by choosing to react with a solution oriented attitude, and learning to choose love over hate or disappointment.


Deja vu the moment of remembrance


Many people describe déjà vu as a moment where you have remembrance of a moment that might have been from the past, of something familiar we just can’t put our fingers on. This is why it makes more sense (in the context of this being a marking point), than an actual duplicate of something that’s already happened in the past within this lifetime. We can get this feeling when we meet a person for the first time, attend an event for the first time, visit a new city that seems familiar, and many other similar kinds of experiences.

Sometimes people feel as though those experiences might be due to past life experiences. And if that’s potentially true, then you can imaging choosing to come back into this lifetime to try to resolves some of those past life issues, through being presented with similar choice points in this new lifetime. For arguments sake, let’s say that when you come into this life, you review what looks like a road map, with all of the potential variations of the major choice points in your life, and the realities/time-lines you would’ve traversed as a result of those choices. Along with this evaluation, is the understanding of the possible negative and positive outcomes, and is where our inner voice comes from to help guide us on the right path. If you believe in science, this experience is not necessarily linear, but rather all possible outcomes and choice points (and subsequent paths) are being experience simultaneously. I’m not sure if we could ever really truly understand this idea, or the purpose behind it, but it’s important to consider this idea as a possibility,… and a way to successfully navigate this life through the understanding of our road map, and how to listen to our inner guidance. 


The choice point, and waiting on your path


My personal understanding of these various life paths, is that the purpose of any of these choice points within our lives (especially when we are waiting on the path for a decision to be made), is to see how you’d respond to the consequences of all potential decisions given your choices on your path. Waiting on the path is so important; meaning that we need to take a step back to ensure that we are truly listening to our inner guidance, rather than making our decisions out of fear and impatience. We cannot allow our fear to dictate the outcome of our lives, and as a consequence manifesting the wrong kinds of decision points, and to then choosing the wrong path at that decision point. Now the wrong path is not always a permanent situation, although if severe enough it surely can destroy your chances at recouping in this lifetime. Most decisions in life however are not as serious as deciding to commit a crime or with deciding to be lazy, or to get addicted to something out of bad habit, or low self-esteem.

One example of a generally negative choice point, might be the decisions we make about the kinds of people we decide to associate with, or get into personal relationships with. For example, many folks are aware that different personality types tend to attract other personality types that are not necessarily complementary. For example, the common Empathic personality attracting the sociopath or narcissist. Both of those personalities, pray on the compassion of an empath, and tend to eventually fall apart because of the contrast. If the empath can look at the patterns In their own life that are holding them back from following their intended path, then they can better accomplish what it is they came here to accomplish in the first place. It’s when we truly listen to our hearts about our careers, our relationships, and our passions, and align that with our purpose, that we can live the life we have always dreamed of. You can even be in a place of hitting rock bottom, with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and entertainment addictions… and still find your way back to the path of positivity in your life. As with science over the past several years, we’ve learned that the mind and physical brain is plastic, and not rigid like science thought for so many years was predetermined through our genetics. The spiritual power each and every one of us has to transform our lives through our intentions and our thoughts, is available to all of us.


Brain Plasticity:



There is hope even for the narcissist


This gives us all hope, even for the sociopath or narcissist; especially those who were only environmentally conditioned, rather than genetically predisposed to those behaviors. One can imagine that with the power of our minds, spirituality, as well as the advances of science and medicine, that even those kinds of personalities can have those areas of the mind reactivated or developed.

Check out the ability to affect the brain simply by applying a targeted low voltage electromagnetic field.


This first video especially is absolutely an amazing outcome



Treating our deficits with tools created by the human mind


After viewing this first video, we can definitely see the correlation between the condition of Autism, and other conditions where there may be a deficit of emotional ability. So, it is up to all of us to remember the power not only of our thoughts, but also for the application of our thoughts, sciences, and all of the many tools like the magnetic devices…  which our human minds have created to help ourselves.

So, part of our path is to continually educate ourselves about what we can do spiritually, interpersonally, scientifically, and emotionally etc., to help change the world we live in for ourselves and for those around us. To stay on our paths, takes waiting more frequently on our paths, so that the decisions we make are “well thought out”,… producing a more positive end result. Waiting on our path is definitely the key to better results, as well as having the potential to completely turn around any negative situation in this life. For example – I cannot tell you how many times I wished I’d listened to my inner voice, especially when it came to relationships, and how I allowed the needs of others to supersede my personal desires, my motivations, and my successes. In spite of bad decisions however, we can all still choose to live a life focused on positivity or negativity moving forward from any choice point outcome. If we drown ourselves in the feelings of victimization all of the time, then we’re never going to turn around our decision-making process for the best possible outcomes. Learning to always replace negative thoughts with positive ones, is very important for how we feel as we are going through this life on a daily basis, thought to thought –  milestone to milestone. As they say, the journey is the destination and the purpose behind our lives, so pay attention to every step on the journey, but have fun too, and let go when you can. If you’re always negative on your journey, you are less likely to attract better things into your life, and our problems become cyclical, and perpetuate forever under a cloud of dark energy, that can only be lifted with the intention to do so. This intention can be found in discovering our purpose and our motivation for aligning with it.


We’re always attracting what we’re sending out into the universe


We’re always attracting what we’re sending out into the universe vibrationally in our thoughts, our words, and in our attitude. The attitude you choose after anything negative happens, is the key to whether or not you’ll experience this life with a majority of happiness. As they say – “it’s not what happens to us that matters, but rather how we react to it that counts most.” Every single one of us has this power to turn around our circumstances, and to choose to refocus our thoughts, intentions and attitudes at each choice point. Sometimes we have to learn to redefine what we feel it means to be successful in this life, to attain true happiness within our hearts and minds.

There are as many types of successes, as there are ways to educate oneself (even outside or our existing education system). The main thing people think about regarding success is money, fame, or the acquiring of material possessions. You can be happy rich or poor, as it all depends on whether or not you are aligning yourself with your purpose or not, and if you are living an authentic life, or living the life of the expectation of others, to keep up with what society expects, or to only live life for the attainment of status and monetary success. Having a lot of financial success is not necessarily a burden for everyone, it’s more the attitude of what you do with it, and how you use your wealth that makes your life fulfilling. Look at people like Richard Branson, and how much philanthropy is a part of their everyday life.


The idea of Happiness


At the same time, there are extremes of the poor that are simply unacceptable in a world full of enough resources to support us all if managed properly.



Happiness is really not found in class structure


Happiness is really not found in class structure, but rather in the opportunities we make through listening to our inner voice, or retraining our inner voice to be more positively focused, and then through love, and aligning our attitudes and our purpose with a focus on service to others; the universe then goes to work bringing people and opportunities to support the energies you are projecting. If you have any question about the fact that thoughts are things, then look only as far as quantum theory, and the many experiments like with the rice experiment to prove this is true, and that each and every one of our thoughts, can have a profound effect on our lives, and the lives of the people we are closest too on a daily basis.


Thought experiments



Changing DNA With Spoken Words and Phrases

Most astounding of all, the team discovered that living human DNA can be changed and rearranged with spoken words and phrases. 

The key to changing DNA with words and phrases is in using the right frequency. Through the application of modulated radio and light frequencies, the Russians were able to influence cellular metabolism and even remedy genetic defects. 

The team achieved incredible results using vibration and language. For instance, they successfully transmitted information patterns from one set of DNA to another. Eventually, they were even able to reprogram cells to another genome — they transformed frog embryos into salamander embryos without lifting a single scalpel or making one incision. Author to be noted here, but cannot find the source online at this time (2017-12-10 12:03:03 AM).

More on the science behind these ideas and experiments, coming in future articles. For now, keep the faith, wait more on your path, and enjoy a life filled with much more joy! Seek out the quality information here on this site, and take only what resonates with your heart! Namaste!

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