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Fireside Chat 5

Hello folks we have our best video and audio this week, just the beginning of some really great discussions. This … Continue reading...
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Fireside Chat 4

This Weeks Fireside Chat – Mothers Day 05/11/2020 – Our special guest was Doc Skinner! One of the most down … Continue reading...
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Jan 6th Commission, The V, UFOs, and Holograms!

Jan 6th Commission,  The V, UFOs, and Holograms! What do you think of this...
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Survival Gagets!

Tonight we talk a little about survival, and some of the basic tools that can be very helpful. Not only … Continue reading >Survival Gagets!...
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Discussing the fear of the current state of the world!

Discussing some of the severe fear around the current state of the world, and maybe how to look at things … Continue reading >Discussing the...
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Fireside Chat 3

This week we cover the events of the week, from Trumps therapies, to beaches being closed, to herd mentality. We … Continue reading...
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Empathy and the need for alignment and balance!

Empathy and the need for alignment and balance! Video version: Have you ever been taken off guard by your own … Continue reading >Empathy...
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There is No turning back. Are you Ready?

Rick Maki was live with 1028 live, white mountains AZ! 1028 PRODUCTIONS 1.94K subscribers SUBSCRIBED Powered by Restream NEW...
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March for America: The Real Story

Was on Appola Asterias show, with Ben Chasteen, Jermain, Scott and Brooks Agnew! Continuing the discussion on current events…...
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It has hit the fan!

IT HAS HIT THE FAN! 1028 PRODUCTIONS 1.94K subscribers Powered by Restream...
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