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Looking for a place to start?

Looking for a place to start?   For those of you that are new to the Esoteric subjects, whom may … Continue reading >Looking for a...
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How to avoid being emotionally manipulated!

How to avoid being emotionally manipulated! Be the social outcast When you look at life today I believe through observation … Continue reading...
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Write your own Obituary before you die?

Write your own Obituary before you die? Now you may be saying to yourself, “This is so morbid to suggest”, … Continue reading >Write your...
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Let your thoughts go!

In you’re meditation practice or even during your busy day, are you ever plagued by distracting or negative thoughts? If … Continue...
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Are these spirit orbs caught on camera?

Are these spirit Orbs caught on camera? The sound is low, so turn it all the way up if you … Continue reading >Are these spirit orbs caught...
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Is this a UFO?

Hello everyone, just sharing a picture someone close to me took last December. This was taken in the early morning … Continue reading >Is...
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Law of one!

The RA Material     Here are the RA books: some of the most interesting “controlled study” channeled information of …...
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Stopping the wheel of Karma!

Stopping the wheel of Karma     In life there are moments that challenge us, and force us to ask … Continue reading >Stopping the...
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We all have stores to tell and share!

Tricia is a new contributor in our social groups area, and this article was transcribed and transferred here, to help … Continue reading >We...
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Report of a TR3B hovering above their home in Pittsburgh PA.

There has been a lot of chatter lately, in the past few years about space force, and patents that have … Continue reading >Report of a TR3B...
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