Let your thoughts go!

In you’re meditation practice or even during your busy day, are you ever plagued by distracting or negative thoughts? If so there is one practice that can help.

You will want to work on being a simple observer of your thoughts. Let them float by like clouds in the sky. Sometimes we need to label the thought in a way that allows us to let it go, and not analyze it. There is still a time to analyze, but meditation isn’t that time.

The goal of meditation is to quiet the mind enough so that the universe can speak to us directly. Whatever label you use… You can simply say oh that’s just the pain I don’t really own, or that’s just the name I give myself when I’m upset. Let it all go and watch it just float by.

Some people visualize freeze framing the thoughts as they come, and imagining them shatter like glass and fall into a black hole. Whatever you come up with will work… as long as you become the observer. Don’t analyze your thoughts… Simply notice them as you go deeper, and let them dissolve.

Practice this every day until you are fully in control of your thoughts and anxieties, and the universe and the spirits can open up more to guide you directly!

Do any other members do anything similar in your practice? What works best for you?

Namaste everyone!

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