Looking for a place to start?

Looking for a place to start?


For those of you that are new to the Esoteric subjects, whom may be looking for a place to start, this two video series out on a limb from 1987 is a great place to start your introduction to many of the spiritual concepts represented on this site.

For me this was the series that changed my whole perspective on life, spirituality, and got me on the path to seeking the truth of our own personal power, as well as the fact that there is much more to life than what we’re taught. In fact we’re taught in a way that seems limiting to our own personal spiritual growth. Looking within, and realizing the magnificence of life here on this planet, are some of the major take always from this series. This is an amazing story, one that you will likely never forget!

Also don’t forget that you can register anonymously on our site, and start your own conversations and debates about anything you have learned in the past, as well as potentially asking for direction with where to start learning. These videos are a great place to start.




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