How to avoid being emotionally manipulated!

How to avoid being emotionally manipulated!

Be the social outcast

When you look at life today… I believe through observation – that it’s becoming increasingly obvious that many people are totally unaware of the emotional manipulations being perpetrated against them. This is done to control mass opinion, and to enslave people into the idea of adopting absolute societal norms. This includes a system designed to control your emotions even further through social conditioning on a mass scale, and by proxy will increase the judgement levels of your peers. If you do not “toe-the-line” as industry, society and certain government elements dictate, you become a societal outcast.

The manipulation is real

These forms of psychological manipulations exist right now in just about every area of life, and in just about every country in the world. We are told to believe that if we don’t follow the rules, and go along with the status quo, that we are somehow automatically in the wrong. So, we buy into societies standards in order to fit in, and not be judged or shunned from society. We are told from a very young age, that we must get married, have kids, be successful in business, and attain as much material wealth as humanly possible.

However, we end up in many cases… with no time to actually enjoy the fruits of our labor, and we look back on our lives, wondering what happened to all those years gone by. Still many elderly people never retire and have to work at jobs they hate until the last days of their lives. This is still considered the American dream for many people, but there is something wrong with the landscape here – in the way it was all implemented, or at least what it transformed into overtime.

The elite in power use debt to condition us to accept our own slavery

Debt slavery to the banking industry and world economies that are out of control with debt, are what keeps us all with our heads just above the water, no matter our socioeconomic levels (or castes in society). If your head isn’t just above water for lack of resources; it’s in many cases just above water for lack of emotional happiness from misalignment with your true nature and purpose.

.This is because societal systems can make it hard for many to realize their own personal power, through social norms and social engineering. Mob mentality if you will. The funny thing is – the ones that think outside the box of society are more rebellious in many cases, and end up as some of our most revered industry leaders. Many are without indoctrination into the educational systems even.

The elusive American Dream

Not every person wants what the so-called “American Dream” has to offer anyway, and choose to live more on their own terms, with taking a different path “outside the box.” The point is not to put these ideals down; but more to understand how leveraging emotion for gaining advantage over others… is pervasive in just about every facet of modern culture, and can have a deeply negative impact on our lives. This is especially true if we don’t resonate with specific societal norms, and then suffer the consequences of judgment from our peers, or society at large.

With using standards and ideals like this exclusively, society expects every person to fit into the educational, societal, and health-based systems laid out for us by the so-called authorities and governing bodies. These same governing bodies insist on being the absolute arbiters of truth, because they think you are too stupid to discern for yourselves what’s truth from fiction. No system is perfect, but it’s not often admitted by authorities when they’re wrong or corrupt, until forced through litigation, or through the exposure of corruption with the testimony of insiders and quality whistle blowers.

If you think for yourself, you’re mentally ill?

People who choose to decide on their own what is or isn’t good for them, are automatically considered rebellious or mentally ill, instead of simply creative and unique individuals with a right to find their own way to the truth in all aspects of life. Again, the only way to step outside that box, is to take risks and be your own person, so that you can be fully empowered to align with your god given talents and passions. Society keeps us all slaves to the financial institutions – and in turn makes stepping outside the box and aligning with our purpose all the more difficult for so many that cannot afford college or a higher education.

Many of those kinds of people feel slighted by the systems in place, like those with autism where other alternative methods of treatment or learning would prove to be much better for them, and whom often times are later proven to be genius level thinkers. Often times they are held back from offering their gifts in life, because of too many generalized, non-compassionate sets of rigid societal standards. There have however been some strides towards accepting the differences in others, but we still try to fit everyone into the same systems, and social standards in order to be allowed to succeed in those same systems.  

Judgment of others is a social conditioning construct

People will judge others on so many levels. Take India for example, where they still employ castes in order to say one group or person deserves certain societal benefits while others do not. Or take China’s social credit system as another example of driving competition amongst its citizens, and using emotion, and quality of life as the driving force for societal norms.

Then we can also visit politics in just about any country on the planet, and see that political leaders and industry leaders have a strong-hold on our emotional heart strings. The one common thread in societies all over the world, is the rampant desire to control the political, societal and interpersonal narratives… and they’ll always use your emotions as the main control apparatus.

The criminal elite seem to think you are stupid sheep

They (the criminal elite – which most Enlightened people know exists to some extent [Some call it the Cabal]) are selling you on the idea that social media is dangerous – and that they need to be the arbiter of truth to protect you from bad influences and theories about conspiracy. It’s actually their same influences and real conspiracies they’re trying to protect you from knowing anything about.

Guess what folks? (“And this might come as a huge surprise for so many people already entrenched in the brainwashing of corporate and industry-controlled media, music, TV and movies”) – “Conspiracies in this life do exist”, and they must be investigated and brought to the light in order to take back our power, and to not allow our emotions to be so easily manipulated again.

Be a conspiracy realist, not a theorist

Thus, the new terms “Conspiracy Realist”, or “Conspiracy Researcher” are being used to address those folks who are out there doing their real investigative journalism. If it wasn’t for the power of alternative media, and independent journalism, the truth would likely never see the light of day, on subjects like Jeffrey Epstein, human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child abuse. Most mainstream outlets don’t cover these subjects much, and will actually work hard to label outlets like “Edge of Wonder” (and others) as “conspiracy theorists”, which are not to be trusted for simply sharing information and details that paint a clear picture… and have been proven over time to be true in many cases.

Ask yourself why the corporate media cares to attack a YouTube channel with such vitriol

This is why we are seeing the same corrupt elements of media outlets like MSNBC panicking and attacking these innocent independent researchers like “Edge of Wonder.” These are the same people for the last few years saying they had proof that Trump was in collusion with the Russians. People of the collective world… it’s time to wake up and put the controlled and conditioned emotion aside, and see the truth for what it is.

We can no longer trust the mainstream media to be the purveyors of truth. Time will prove the truth about “all of the dots” alternative media is “correctly connecting” on so many levels, in order to bring about a collective enlightenment and the understanding of societies implemented control elements. These control elements are designed to keep us all dumbed down, so that we acquiesce to the puppet masters of our emotions and fears, so they can continue to take full control over this worlds resources and industries… and to keep the power out of the hands of ordinary people.

Who are the arbiters of truth?

Most people however still rely 100% on trusting sources like Mainstream media News, Wikis, Snopes, Facebook or Twitter fact checking for their so-called “fact-based news.” The goal here… is to control the entire narrative of just about any subject on this planet as much as possible, and this is done solely for the personal gain of a few. The problem with things like this is – it’s almost always manipulated in some way, and it’s used to drive a certain narrative which doesn’t allow people to learn discernment skills on their own.

They’ll always mix in some truth, with some manipulated general narratives designed to pray on your emotions – by giving out enough truth to get you emotionally attached to the entity and its goals. Once you’re brainwashed into believing they’re the arbiters of truth, and knowing that the average person has no time to dig into alternative media because of lifestyle constraints (and debt slavery, and social engineering distractions), they can gain complete control over our lives using our emotions and our conditioned dependencies on these fear-based systems of control.

The real arbiters of truth are finally getting recognition

Because of the rampant corruption being reported by Veritas whistle blowers and insiders, about major search engines and social media companies right now, the only way to combat this is to begin to detach emotionally from their manipulated narrative, turn off corporate owned media and begin to research and think for yourself. At least give alternative media a chance… before it is completely controlled and eliminated.

I personally believe though, that the corruption we’re seeing exposed… will ultimately take this social control apparatus down around the world. I believe we are at a major tipping point in human evolution, where we’ll no longer accept the status quo, and allow ourselves to continue to be victims of our own emotions, which were easily manipulated through ongoing attempts at social engineering and thought control.

Just #walkaway not just with politics

Just read the many #walkaway statements being made on FB, that show just how effective the brainwashing and the social conditioning was for these people, and how becoming enlightened to truth has freed so many people as well. Thanks to the ongoing enlightenment process which I believe also has a spiritual force behind it… which is facilitating this process so that humanity in general can now begin to think for themselves.

Many still remain centered politically in the #walkaway movement (as it’s not a right-left thing any longer [problems exist on both sides politically]), but they now know they were all manipulated by the use of their own emotional, and environmental conditioning since childhood. Their good hearts were used against them to implement an agenda, and it’s as simple as that… according to the evidence we are seeing reported in these quality alternative media outlets.     

We don’t need an authority to tell us what the truth is, unless we are still sheeple

When it comes to real truth seeking, most people can discern for themselves, and do NOT need an authority to tell them what’s fact from fiction. If sites like Snopes and the others previously stated, we’re not caught putting out blatant lies, and politically motivated propaganda, they might be more trustworthy. However, because something like this “can” … “and almost always will” be used against the public at large for personal gains, we simply should always do our own homework, and begin to use more independent journalism, like “Edge of Wonder”, “Destroying the Illusion”, “X22 Report”, and “Justinformed talk” to mention a few.

These are all independent journalists, who are working hard to combat the controlled narrative, but never claim to know the absolute truth, or to be the purveyors of absolute truth. Outlets like these simply do a lot of independent research and put together facts and theories – connect some dots… and present the information simply as evidence and theories, and allow others to make up their own minds about the actual truth. This is the way real journalism use to be and we need to support these efforts, instead of continuing to support the top down corporate controlled narratives.

Look very deeply within and ask yourself “where are my own personal distortions of reality… limiting my belief systems?”

So, in order to not be manipulated through the use of your emotions, the next steps are with learning to identify all the areas of your life that are driven by fear, or emotion, or are in some way distorting your view of reality. We have to begin to dig deeper into our hearts, and see where we are not balancing clear logic with our emotions, so that we can find more truth on our own. This is so we are not tugged around by social control structures designed to take advantage of your emotions, and destined to take your freedoms, and God-Given inalienable rights to your country’s constitution away. Our constitution was created to ensure your rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!”

Think about a logical solution, don’t get stuck in an emotional “infinite loop of inaction and anger”

To take one current divisive political problem as an example of how emotional control can distort people’s decision making, we have to look for logical solutions to problems like the border crisis. We must only use emotion as a guide in cases where it isn’t already manipulated to the point of being stuck in an “infinite loop of inaction and anger.” Some emotion is good, if it leads to action and real solutions, but anger expressed with offering no real logical solution is always counterproductive. Some logical thinkers might say, the solution to the world’s problems aren’t to ruin the US economy and constitution with the implementation of an open border policy (“Abolish ICE!” they scream in anger and emotion without thinking of the consequences).

The solutions are to think logically about the bigger picture, and to implement real solutions to problems. We have to set aside (for a moment) our pre-conceived emotional aversion to the idea of controlling the border for the safety its citizens, and the safety of those being sex trafficked (including minor children) … and for the drugs and gang members being trafficked as well. We need to release our emotional energies long enough… to see that the problems need to be addressed at the source. If the UN was doing its job, we’d not be seeing this rampant humanitarian crisis around the world, and at our borders. It is up to us to form groups, and come together to voice real solutions to real problems from the bigger picture perspective.

Otherwise we can run forever on emotional anger, and disagreement with how things are being handled now. Realize that this is all manufactured to divide us, and that no solutions are being taken seriously by those in government who are resisting doing what is right, to gain the political upper hand. Both sides are not talking about dealing with a solution at the source either, and how we could do that with the power of UN agreements. It’s going to take an enlightened citizenry to take on this challenge itself around the world, by first demanding information about hidden technology that could cure many of the world’s humanitarian crisis’s, and ease some of the suffering according to some insider whistle-blowers!

Solving the crisis isn’t the goal of the elite in control, keeping us divided is the goal

Politicians around the world and in the US, could solve this crisis by coming together and passing better laws to protect everyone, but it’s not happening because those in power (the puppet masters) can maintain more control over the masses if they keep us at each other on the emotional level. It’s time to wake up the masses through alternative media, and take back our God-Given rights to true democracy around the world, not just in the US. We must demand that the world stop looking at the US as the saviors of the world and its main humanitarian wallet… unless they too are willing to embrace our constitution.

They will also need to root out all corruption from their systems, and pool the entire worlds resources to fix those bigger issues. We need to do it in a way that we never centralize power to one dictatorship (i.e. NWO), but spread democracy around the world allowing countries to thrive like never before. All it takes is to spread love and the ideas of freedom and peace around the world, but the US cannot solve the entire world’s problems by itself… nor can it take on the entire world’s population of immigrants. There must be controls in place to mitigate risks to our sovereign nation, and to protect our own citizens, so that we can continue to be a force for good in this world.

Putting controls in place, doesn’t mean we stop taking refuges or migrants, only that we have a clear process of knowing who is coming here. I know for a fact, that there is no person in this country, or around the world that would blindly take strangers into their own home without first knowing if they are some kind of danger, or without doing some kind of background check. Why would we treat our borders any different? Our emotional brain wants to think all people should be considered good, and that we should just blindly trust open borders, but our logical brain steps in to protect against dangers. We can use both parts of the brain to solve this problem, we just cannot do it through careless and reckless abandonment.

Finally, peace on earth is coming through full Disclosure!

For all of these issues that seem to divide people today, never let emotions be the sole reason for your arguments, as we’ll never come together to solve issues on any permanent basis, and our focus of energy will never shift to the larger issues of spreading democracy around the world as the ultimate solution to the world’s humanitarian crisis’s. Let’s all find ways to share in our desire to spread democracy around the world, but a form of democracy that roots out corruption, and has better checks and balances to avoid the level of corruption we seem to be seeing come out more and more every day. With the push for full disclosure, I believe there will finally be peace on earth for all the worlds citizens!

Namaste Everyone!

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