Loving our enemies could be our salvation?

Loving our enemies could be our salvation?

Now I know that’s a very bold claim to make, and can be the most challenging thing in the world to accomplish, but hear me out on this one. Before we get into exactly how to love your enemies, there are some points I need to make that’ll set the stage with ideas of how people first identify their “so called” enemies (in many cases). There are many things that I think we can all agree on, which are simply not working out for humanity any longer. We all want change of some kind, and we are all dissatisfied with the way things are, and how society seems setup for a sort of slavery based system of debt… where many of us end up working 7 days a week until we die. One of the major symptoms of our current breakdown, is with the mounting hatred for those holding differing ideas or opinions than our own. This is mostly politically and sociologically motivated, but continually driven by our own emotions and fears.

To study human behavior only takes an intention to focus on what’s really going on around us, and does not necessarily have to come from an advanced degree in human psychology, or exclusively through the major news outlets. I believe what we are witnessing in today’s world, is the true battle between the negative and positive influences that naturally occur in this duality we call life. No matter the side you are on politically or socially, I think we can all agree, that there’s a definite breakdown on many fronts, and at the same time, there are many positive forces coming together at this time as well.


Humanity must rise above the conflict



However, to allow humanity to rise above the conflict and hatred we are seeing, will take some deep reflection, and some amazing resolve and a very strong intention to solve our social, spiritual, economic and environmental issues. We must start with honestly looking at ourselves, and our own prejudices, and we must also learn to be mindful of the energies we are sending out into the word. You must ask yourself first, “how did I form my thoughts and opinions?” Did you form them by truly listening to your own heart, or was It pre-programmed by outside sources, such as the mainstream media, and other societal systems of education? Are your thoughts really yours, or have your thoughts been spoon fed to you by a system that no longer seems to serve the greater good? This is mainly when considering things like the news, and people not feeling like they can trust media as a source of accurate information these days, without political bias on one side or the other. All is not lost however, as we have the power collectively to manifest change in all areas of our life, through meditation, and love.


This is not conspiracy theory



I’m not getting too deep into conspiracy theory here, I’m simply asking if you are true to yourself, and listening to your own heart, or are you being controlled by your own personal fears, and prejudices, perhaps based on your own past negative experiences (as well as systems of control which may be taking advantage of your current mindset). If you are really concentrating on being mindful, and really educating yourself through enough research, you will start to see more clearly… valid points on both sides of the coin regarding the issues of the day. Once you’ve done enough research on the many aspects of these issues, you have to come to the realization that there are simply things that people will never agree on. This is mainly because of a lack of education about the real issues, stubbornness, unrealistic emotional states, or simply too much anger in their hearts. I find however that it tends to be those people, who’ve not really done the hundreds if not thousands of hours of research (or with a lack of discernment capability), with the intention to truly understand the issues of the day, that end up being the ones with the most anger. This I feel is because of the sheep-follower mentality, and an inability to focus on love for their fellow man regardless of their disagreements. To love your enemies however, is definitely not an easy task, and is a difficult process for sure. I’d say you’re playing fair in the game of life, as long as you are aware of this process, and that you realize it’s important to choose to be a strong participant… not just a sheep being herded in the game of life.


The ripple effects



As with any positive thought, a negative thought is also subject to the ripple effect. We absolutely need to me mindful of the fact that we need to own our own thoughts, and try to combat the negative influences, and thoughts with the power of love and forgiveness. The power of love to affect the masses, is evident in so many areas of scientific research. Take for example this experiment to reduce crime using measurable statistics.





As you can see, there is much evidence to believe that when people come together for a common cause, that there is a sort of tipping point in the direction of the collective consciousness. This tipping point is happening on many different levels at this time, and overall this seems to be leading up to a major shift or event that would be good for us all to begin to prepare ourselves for spiritually. I won’t get into the scientific, and anecdotal details on that, as there are far too many people researching this area already, which you could easily Google for. Read the “The RA Material” law of one series for example.

No matter your belief system or faith; if this wasn’t the case, “and our souls didn’t have the power to influence the word around us”, then how do you explain the many easily repeatable experiments to the contrary?


Quantum theory and science plays a role in understanding our ability to change the collective consciousness


All we have to do is look at Quantum theory and the many experiments such as the double slit experiment, the rice experiment, and the frozen water crystals experiment, to prove that even a single thought has tremendous power to affect change on a global scale. Also, don’t forget the work of Cleve Backster and his plant experiments, to realize “even further” how connected we all are to each other, as well as with Nature itself. When I say we are all one; I’m specifically talking about “all life in this vast universe.”


Cleve Backster’s work


Back to the subject at hand

So, getting back to the theme of this article: this leads us back to this idea of loving our enemies. In order to accomplish this great task, we must first realize the shared humanity in all of us, and the fact that we are all one and not separate from each other. We cannot let our past, or our prior experiences dictate the outcome or quality of life on this planet for the collective. Nor can we allow the mass media (on all sides) to take our fears and manipulate and intensify those emotions just for ratings and profit. The more you pay attention, the more you realize this is true.


When we are truly not looking for real answers



When we are truly not investigating (through other sources other than mainstream news [like with Onstellar etc.]) and NOT really listening close to what’s being reported on the many sides of the issues in life. We do a disservice to all of humanity by taking a view that is solely based on fear and emotion, and never also including a logical analysis of the information being presented. Real truth seekers, will first consider all of the evidence before jumping to conclusions on very important issues. Some would rather believe the lies because it’s easier, or it supports their own personal or political agendas (or they simply don’t have the time to learn more). It’s much easier to settle on the default mindset, than to really be a truth seeker, and to listen to both sides of an argument. As Marin Luther King said, to love your enemies, takes compassion and love, as well as communication and listening skills. We must put aside personal prejudice, and find those areas we can build on… where most of us agree. We all want peace, love and prosperity, but we may have various ways of going about it.


Are you awake?



Anyone who is truly awakened… knows that there are forces out there in this world, that are ready to take your fear and use it against you, and to do the same on all sides of an issue, because it is profitable to do so. This is why in the news we see nothing but death, destruction and fear mongering most of the time. There are forces in this world, that have no interest in having prosperous, loving and cooperative citizens, because keeping people as debt slaves, and against each other socially, politically, educationally, or economically etc., is what allows some systems (but not all) to continue to thrive.


You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to know there is something wrong with this unfair system



Without digging too deeply into conspiracy theory, all you have to do is look at what the financial and corporation based industries do at times, and how they continue to take advantage of innocent people on many fronts (the sub-prime mortgage crisis, predatory lending, corporate bailouts, pollution of the environment etc.). This system of control and carelessness, will eventually crash under its own weight, as the worlds debt to these systems (where they print and loan money out of thin air), will likely never get paid back. If I remember correctly, you would have to pay back one dollar every second for 31,709 years, to pay off one trillion dollars (I may have to check that math [to be exact], but it’s a vast amount of time to pay off a trillion dollars). So even without being a conspiracy theorist, you have to know there’s something wrong with this system of debt, and that it never seems to change, and this is likely setup this way for a reason.


To whom do we really owe this debt?



Humanity is multiple-trillions of dollars in debt to the world banking system, and there are no resources backing most of this debt at all, so who do we actually owe this money too if there is no gold standard anymore? The system the way it is devised (after the gold standard was removed), is merely a smoke screen to keep everyone in debt, knowing they’ll never have enough income on average, to ever pay enough annually, in order to pay down the debt that industry and governments created in the first place. In many cases, we do not have a choice other than to participate in this unfair system, as there are few alternatives for the average person. At least that was the truth, until crypto currencies came along. However, the same global financial institutions and regulatory bodies, are quickly trying to find ways to regulate (and or tax) the use of cryptocurrencies, perhaps to discourage us from going our own way, and any attempt to do so, will still profit the existing system in some way.




It’s up to us to manifest this change and to free ourselves from this broken system. There are so many details I could cover on this topic, but like I said, that is a topic for other articles already being written out there, as I would like to focus on what we can do to get past this psychological, and sociological conditioning.


Once more people wake up




Once more people wake up to the fact that those systems act as if they are Gods that rule over us, by keeping the original American dream just out of reach from us… like a carrot in front of a horse, we’ll forever (until we die) be a slave to that system, unless we begin to manifest new systems of doing business, like with crypto currencies around the world at this time, or with contributionism. Even the OnStellar network is going to monetize outside of the existing system, as a first step in the right direction with creating their own value… outside of this complex and unfair system of debt slavery. They’ll still have to rely on the existing system for a period of time though… to extract value that can be used in exchanging bitcoins for cash to purchasing goods. Eventually however, I hope the goal is to move away from that need. It would be beneficial for us to begin to manifest some kind of replacement that’s fair for all of the players involved, where wealth is fairly distributed and is also balanced in compensation toward entertainment and escapism, when compared to other equally valued career choices.


Let’s speak out on the power of loving our enemies, instead of hating them


Now if this is the first time you’re learning how “our social systems” might actually be setup, you could be getting a bit angry right about now.


If you are still believing these institutions are perfect the way they are, then read this article from Harvard Business School, for the truth on how things can get out of hand, and how things are done to take advantage of the general public in the name of profit for a few:




Even with some things being not so great in these systems, this is exactly where we have to realize that we must love those involved in this flawed system, even those who know exactly what it represents, and then continue to participate in the system anyway. It’s like Jesus once said “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. Since we are all part of the same source, I believe that people get caught up in the love of power, instead of the power of love, and in other cases they were born or coerced into the negative aspects of industry…  and never really had a choice. Once the collective consciousness hits a tipping point (likely through things like mass meditations on peace), we’ll only at that point start to see some great changes in this world. This will only happen, when the majority of people have awakened from their slumber, and have also awakened from the distractions that this system has built in… to prevent us from thinking for ourselves. It’s only then that we’ll be able to regain our God given right to real freedom and prosperity, where there aren’t these systems of debt slavery anymore, and these flawed systems will eventually be replaced by systems like Ubuntu and Contributionism.


It is now time to speak out



It’s time for us all to speak out on subjects like the power of loving our enemies or those we disagree with (even the misguided industries I’m speaking of). We have to realize that some less fortunate people, have to work 7 days a week for their entire life in order to survive, and this isn’t the way life is intended to be, for anyone on this planet in my humble opinion. It’s because… for so long we’ve not collectively taken our priorities seriously and we’ve never held those industries accountable for their actions and abuses (pollution of the environment, unfair controls over society (through debt slavery), and brainwashing through the corporate owned mass media (to sway opinion in one direction or the other etc.). All you have to do is watch all of the news networks, to see that they all repeat phrases over and over again. You have to see the truth about the system being a system of control in some cases…  after watching these videos.


Check it here:

General Media repeating talking points



Liberal untruths in reporting


Conservative media repeating talking points


Keep in mind that Google and YouTube appear (by many) to be liberal leaning companies… removing much of the opposing content that goes against their views (or for whatever they consider fake news). No political party or ideology (liberal or conservative) is inherently evil; it’s only the use of politics and power to help control the thinking of the masses that are at issue. So, it can be hard to get a true picture of societies views through services like social media, search engines, or video repositories as well. Since the company’s owners have the power to arbitrarily decide what is or is not considered real or valuable content. It’s their right to do what they want with their companies, but it is also our duty to pay attention and use our own discernment when consuming their products and services, so as to not fall into sheep mentality. These are all reasons people thrive more, when they do their own research, and when they focus on what we can all do together, rather than focusing on the Circus of misinformation out there on all the various sides. We have to begin looking within more for our own truth, rather than relying on any mainstream TV and social media entities, as in many cases they seem inconsistent, unreliable, or deceiving. The one place that cannot lie to you is your own inner guidance; especially through a strong meditation and spiritual practice, where you are able to remove any preprogrammed prejudices, and look only at the problem from a clean perspective.


FCC Chair Says Twitter and YouTube’s Political Biases Are the Real Threat to an Open Internet



To see the unfair game in play



To see the unfair game in play, all we have to do is think about how our educators in general get paid so much less than our athletes, as if being an athlete playing a game is more important than educating humanity. I’ve never seen the average educator getting the millions of dollars sports players receive, which shows a definite bias towards entertainment. The movie industry seems to be the same way, but we all go along with it… saying there is nothing we can do. There is something we can do, and that is to come together and meditate for change, and for the truth to set us free from having to take sides, in a game that “we the people” never setup to begin with. It’s time to open your minds to the possibility of these social control structures are put in place to keep your mind from expanding. If the system can keep you entertained, and promote escapism instead of real living, they’ll forever have you under their spell, and at each other’s throats. We cannot let any system dictate to us how we’ll live moving forward in this life, and we must take charge of this life through finding the areas we can all come together on, and to find ways to love each other in the process.


In a free country


In a free country… we’re all allowed to do whatever we want as a society with our own businesses and systems, but you have to ask yourself “what is right and just?”, and then we need to begin to reevaluate what we’re spending our extra resources on. These activities (movies, TV and Sports) don’t particularly add value beyond entertainment and escape… if we are really honest with ourselves. These things are great in some sense (I’m surely not suggesting they are bad on their own), as for example… a movie can teach someone valuable life lessons at times, and sports can teach valuable teamwork principles, and we do need to escape and relax at times as well. However, we also need to be mindful of the programs that are out there which seldom get the help and resources they deserve (especially for the value they hold in society). If people took a more mindful approach to distributing resources, they’d see more opportunities to make a greater impact on humanity through “balanced and fair spending.” This way of being mindful also has a positive ripple effect, and can have a great impact on society… if done long enough to hit that tipping point of accepting new standards of living for everyone, over accepting the careless imbalance that currently exists.


The need to think about our choices


I bring up points like this to illustrate how intentionally thinking about our choices, and where our opinions really come from, can have a greater impact on bringing us all together on the issues that matter the most. So, I feel it’s imperative to begin to ask yourself if you are living a mindful life, or living life on auto pilot (as part of a lifetime of systematic pre-programming), with no intention on evaluating how you use resources, or how you make decisions politically or otherwise. Are you operating solely on emotion, fear and anger, or are you shifting more towards wanting to actually look for real solutions to problems. If all we do is finger pointing, and say this person is bad, or that person is bad – even if they are, nothing gets solved, and nothing will ever change in the way it needs to. Change only comes through love, understanding, forgiveness, good communication and common goals… like Jesus, and Martin Luther King said for example.


Supporting articles and speeches


This leads me to some additional supporting articles, and speeches. The first one being an article talking about how anger and fear are related, and then this section goes on to present Martin Luther King’s view on not only the bibles rendition of the power of love, and loving your enemies, but also the power of love in general. Maybe you can stop this article here, and read and listen to this material, and I’ll meet you on the other side again to finish up the conversation.


In psychology anger usually is fairly equal to that of insecurity, and fear.

Masks of Anger: The Fears That Your Anger May Be Hiding

As you can see from the above article, there are many things that can bring about our fears, and sometimes fear and anger is a motivator for us to take action. However, we must not live in that mindset of anger for so long, as it’s very destructive to the health of our collective consciousness. The collective mindset starts with you, and how much work you are doing on yourself to help humanity evolve as a whole through the ripple effect, is very important.


Famous Quote from Loving Your Enemies

(The source for this info is from http://www.mlkonline.net/enemies.html)

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. ”

– Martin Luther King



This quote went “viral” on the internet, after the killing of Osama Bin Laden by the US government. While the mainstream news hailed the killing and many people celebrated the killing as a victory and even danced in the street, many others including myself agreed with Dr. King, feeling that no death should ever be celebrated and that responding to violence with violence will never solve our world’s problems, but as Mahatma Gandhi, one of Dr. King’s primary sources of inspiration said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.


Loving your enemies – The full speech:



Jesus on loving your enemies:



Matthew 5:44 is the 44th verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and is part of the Sermon on the Mount. This is the second verse of the final antithesis, that on the commandment to Love thy neighbor as thyself. Jesus has just stated that some had taught that one should “hate your enemies” and in this verse, he rejects this view.


In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:


But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; [1]


After listening to that speech by Martin Luther King, one has to come to the determination, that the only way to lasting peace is through the hearts of those that we disagree with, or those that we consider our enemy or those whom might have devised systems of control and either wittingly or unwittingly participate in the continuation of those systems.

When we make a real effort to see in everyone the same spark of life that created the entire universe, we can begin to hold a calmer and more positive mindset, which will allow people to come together and solve the major issues in life. If we can listen to the pain of those around us, without expressing hatred, and without violence, we can all work towards a new world of prosperity within a system of fairness for all of its citizens like with Ubuntu.





If we are to believe that the best way forward is to love our enemies, and that this can be the salvation of mankind, and is also the solution to all of our problems in the world, then we must get busy looking within for real answers. Take yourself out of your conscious mind, and into a subconscious state of mind, where the energy of God flows freely through all of the creatures in the universe. Know that the only perfect solution to all problems in this world, are with love and forgiveness. Anytime we hold hatred for another, we begin a ripple effect that basically negates any of the good we started off doing, when we keep our vibrational frequencies low, thus attracting more of what we don’t want in this life. This doesn’t mean that we have to associate with those that are doing things we disagree with, but it does mean that we need to at least consider the good that exists in everyone, and give that a chance to grow and flourish, through holding the same mindset that Jesus did, when he forgave his persecutors while he was dying on the cross. If we can see the humanity in others, and focus on the good, and the areas we all agree on, and build from there, we can really make some amazing advancements as a species through the knowledge that we are all one. Not everyone will eventually come along, but holding this general mindset opens up opportunities for resolutions.

Let’s take this life to the next level together, and always remember the opportunity we have with our ability to transform our enemies into our friends! This can only happen through love, and an intention to resolve what’s not working together as a team!

Namaste Everyone!

Rick Maki

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