The Telephone Game Debunked!

The Telephone Game Debunked! Well sort of! 😊

Often times people use the telephone game we used to play as kids to tell the store about how stories degrade over time. However, that’s not the full story ß pun intended lol! Now stay with me to the end on this one… I promise it’ll be worth it. Or is that the story I’m selling you? LOL!

[read the article, and watch the videos at the end]

The complexities of the “REAL LIFE” game have much greater implications than expected. If we take the game in the linear fashion (like when we were kids) … where we’re not allowed to ask questions, or to verify with the source; it’s just not that simple. In the childhood game… we’re only allowed to pass on what we thought we heard down the single line chain… and to do so within a finite number of seconds! This gives us a much more skewed version of a realistic “real life” outcome, and has zero to do with the reality of how a story “really” gets altered or modified over time. And this childhood game… does not take into account those that are willing to do the research to verify facts, or sources by going back to the source of the story in the first place!

In real life what affects a legitimate message is more about the implementation of narratives, agenda, preprogramming, and it’s emotional or political bias. Also, like in the kid’s version of the game, there’s always the one kid (“Dennis the menace”) who intentionally decides to mix or modify facts just for the fun of it (Communist Facebook fact checkers!), or to follow the narrative they would prefer instead, and hope to see the comedic or disastrous finish.

In real life, we very seldom will have a linear movement of a story being told, as it happens in a matrix not in a single line chain. Usually, a story is told to several first level recipients (thinking of a generational tree structure), who for the most part will know the facts of the story as they were told. Assuming the story told was a first account story, and not yet another upstream pass on. Let’s assume for simplification… the story is from the horse’s mouth so to speak! And for you (“manipulators”), it’s not a real horse!

As the story spreads locally (into multiple generations in the association tree), it can lose some of the details, but people will usually say they’re not sure if they don’t remember all the facts etc., leaving opportunity to research to find the truth! There are several ways in which a story can get back on track, by either going back to the source to ask for the story again (negating those with a bad memory, or who are simply just manipulators), or asking one or more of the first level recipients to re-explain the stories details.

Usually, the consensus opinion of “real researchers” will win out (otherwise negatively labeled as conspiracy theorists, when they’re truthfully just “conspiracy researchers/validators”). This iterative approach of looking back to the source… works in most cases, and is actually called research! If you’re an extreme liberal socialist, you might want to cover your ears and scream right now, and run to your safe place with your binky! I know the word “research” isn’t in your vocabulary, because you identify as a fact checker, and probably work at one of the mainstreams (narrative controlled communist) social media companies! Or at the very least are reliant on narrative controlled fact checkers, and never think for yourself! Remember when certain medicine was considered horse medicine, when it won a Nobel prize for use in humans? Do you remember when the CDC decided it was actually good now as a preventative, or treatment? Probably not if you are ignorant, lazy, and hate America and freedom!

The fact of the matter is: it depends on how a story is told. Was it told on paper (in a book the story teller wrote), in a recording or on video? Because in real life, it’s harder to take a story from “He was abducted by kidnappers, but returned safely home the same day” to “He was abducted by space aliens, returned home… but was in pain from the invasive months’ long experimentation” … lol! No offense to those that believe they’ve had the latter experience; the *lol* here was only in reference to how unlikely it would be to get off course this bad! This because of the many ways to keep a story on track through simple research and verification only at source targets, not “B.S.” so-called fact checkers.

Fact checkers are employed by the same narrative controlling unelected, self-appointed Oligarchs who have let you down so many times with lies, deceit, and inaccuracies, just to make you believe what they want you to believe. All of the mainstream media, is an arm for these false narratives designed to take advantage of your years of pre-programming and personal traumas. They don’t want you to be thinking for yourself, and doing your own research! They will create a narrative that research on your own… in and of itself, is a national security risk, and is classified as extremist behavior, because it goes against the official political narrative! This is how tyrants work, and how they take over your country, and force you to be subservient and no longer free!

The thing with real life that truly pushes a story off track, are those players with either an agenda, or a propensity to lie, or to exaggerate a story or claim. Even if evidence is presented to the contrary (and every point easily debunked), you’ll always have those with an agenda, or who love to mess up a story just for the fun of it. Do you want to be programmed stupid, or smart and intelligent through real research? It’s solely up to you! Do you like having your emotions used against you? 

Do you like hating people who think differently than you do, and never allow a chance at discussion because of your decades long programing and indoctrination through the social control system? Where do you get all of your beliefs from? Globalist controlled mainstream News is never a good way to get to the truth! You are a fool to think you are not being manipulated with every part of industry, including ads, music, movies, video games, news, social media you name it!

Taking real-world story telling or news reporting as an example; what we have is basically a coordinated team of “Dennis the menaces” working diligently to control or alter the original story, essentially distorting your reality for political, and social gain. It’s exactly like the childhood game, where somewhere in the middle – “the devious Dennis” decides to control the narrative himself, by twisting the truth, or outright lying about it instead.

In the real-world game, this is very dangerous, where if someone wanted to control the thinking of an entire nation/world, all they would really need to do is capture the media, music, movies, video games and tv series. Those that are awake absolutely can see a global common narrative (emerged over time), not only in recreational distractions, but also in our schools and corporations’ newsletters.

What this article is basically asking you to do (regardless of political stance), is to shut out the constant pre-programming (“Disqualifying Dennis the menace”), and turning to good old-fashioned research, and verification by talking to those closer to the story – if not the person who originated it. Beware of secret informants, and secret whistle-blowers, because they can be part of the Dennis team ultimately themselves. Don’t totally discount the information, but don’t put anything into the truth category, unless you have a way to eventually prove it or verify the information conveyed as truth.

You need to stop being lazy, and get off your ass and start looking into truth and statistics, or you will be subject to what you are seeing in this world today, with people needing to continually fight for their basic fundamental god given rights! If you are unwilling to do this, you are part of the problem this world is facing, and it’s called willful ignorance! This mentality is costing more lives, than the pandemic, or global warming combined!

There were many chances for people to look up statistics at the CDC (masking, side effects, social distancing, a-symptomatic spreading, claims of meaningful efficacy, selective treatment protocols), and many other studies regarding efficacy of certain things! Also, doing this research would have helped you to understand there’s a global agenda trying to take advantage of disasters like a pandemic, or a supposed global warming crisis, to also bring in the financial global reset, and a global governance (WEF again)! This so-called crisis…  has been touted pretty much our entire lives (many decades if not a century or more ago), saying the world was going to end in 10 years if we didn’t do something about global warming! But the world never ended… and in fact is no worse off than it ever has been climate or weather wise. We do have an industrial pollution problem, when it comes to plastics, chemicals, and nuclear waste… but that has to fall on industry which continues to rob us blind, while polluting our environment.

Carbon emissions is not the issue here, the issue is with suppressed technologies (filters, and advance technology), that would take away corporate profits. They need to reinvest some of their profits on bio degradable packaging, and free energy technologies. We already have technology available (hemp plastics etc.), but again it gets suppressed in the name of profits, and a longer shelf life. We all need to come together and work towards truth, and do your own real research, and stop consuming the controlled narrative.

They want us divided on race, social class, politics, sexual preference, what we allow in our children’s classrooms, and most of all to destroy the nuclear family with early indoctrination of our children in the schools with extremist ideology, and the normalization of the talking points and goals of the WEF, agenda 21 and 2030.

The World Economic forum oligarchs have been working for decades on projects like agenda 21, and now agenda 2030. All one has to do is look between the lines of all of the different propaganda they put out, and see that it is more about social control than doing anything good.   

For example, they never let a good disaster go to waste such as with the recent hurricane in Florida. Putting weather modification conspiracy aside, you can quickly see them hard at work making claims like this:

“Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, and heat waves, are increasing in intensity, frequency and duration due to climate change. “

We have always had, and always will have severe weather on this planet at times, and have been recording it officially since 1508. This is why you absolutely need to dig deeper into researching the players in organizations like the WEF (Klaus Schwab), as well as their so-called scientists (Yuval Noah Harari). All disasters or mass events are usurped in the name of public safety. The Oligarchs think you are too dumb to make up your own mind about your safety, and what you put into your body, and how you choose to live.

They will pit people against each other, and use terms and classifications (V-Passports, punishments for not acquiescing), to turn the public against each other in the name of the greater good. When all the time, there’s Dennis the menace out there spreading his lies and false controlled narratives, to gain something from a crisis! Just listen to all of the coined phrases designed to keep you alienated, and angry at others!

Organizations like the WEF (Word Economic Forum), want you to give up your property (“you will own nothing and be happy!”), so that they can rent it back to you, or destroy it to replace it with an extreme clustered, and limited government issues safe pod living. This will consist of aggregated one room apartments that you rent, with cars and possessions that fit only the globalist agendas. All in the name of saving the environment they are purposely trying to destroy, so they can come back in as our saviors, and take complete and total control over our lives!

If the response to the pandemic globally was not a clear indication of their coordinated plans to dominate, and remove your god given rights, then I’m sorry, you’re never going to awaken until it is too late for you. The move to electricity does not make sense … since that too is generated mostly with natural gas, nuclear, and coal. None of which is any better than other sources of fuel for the environment. This is about controlling your ability to freely travel around your country, without significant delay and totally control your lives.

I won’t go into all of the abhorrent ideas they plan to implement on the populace, like a national crypto currency, and elimination of cash, and a social credit score that can limit access to buildings, venues, hospitals, or even to your own bank accounts if you hold lower ratings. Have you ever researched the religious prosecutions going on all around the world, not just on Christians, but on peaceful religious practitioners Falun gong who are jailed just for practicing their beliefs? If you don’t think this is coming to America for Christians and other peaceful religions, you are sadly mistaken that they won’t attempt to do this!  

Do you know and understand what was on the Georgia Guidestones, that were just blown up recently? Do you understand the implications of what was suggested there? Do you even know they existed at all??? Or did it simply make sense to you, and you don’t care to look deeper at the meaning. Why was the source of the construction kept secret? Ask some basic questions, and do your own research, instead of having your mind controlled by a globalist-controlled narrative.

The article asks you for a moment to put down your guarded stance, laziness, pre-programming, stubbornness, cognitive brainwashing, and begin to research and think for yourself. In order to do that, you need to look outside the normal locations, such as Gettr, Gab, Minds, Telegram and Truth Social for social media, and locations like Gettr, Brighteon, Banned video, Twitch, TikTok and Rumble for video alternatives.

Even with these alternative sources, you’ll have to use logic, and deductive reasoning, as well as real validated research to confirm the information was not affected by Dennis. However, the controlled narrative has a lot harder time living on free platforms like these. Also, seek alternative search engines instead of just Google and certainly not Bing!

I could go on for months, years, and decades with examples of what to look into, but honestly each person just needs to stop being lazy, and socially programmed by those that own media, news and entertainment, and start forming your own truly self-educated opinions. You may be comfortable in your life right now, but ask yourself, is it really setup to benefit you, or just a handful of unelected globalist Oligarchs, that simply want to have full and total control over your lives?

Now get off your butt, and start learning the truth instead of sitting back until it’s too late! Don’t let Dennis win this telephone game!

Watch these to get motivation to do your own research!

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