PART 10: Bet with Dad, UK Funeral Dream, Dad’s Passing and Message from the grave/Focusing …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

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PART 10: Bet with Dad, UK Funeral Dream, Dad’s Passing and Message from the grave/Focusing: What Would The Light Do?/Dreams about Dad & the afterlife/Real-time visit to Atlantis



While I continued my spiritual journey in Australia, my dad remained an atheist and skeptic of the afterlife. I’ll never forget a chat we had when I visited England in 1999. I tried to convince him of the existence of an Infinite Creator and the afterlife, but he maintained his stubborn skepticism. I, therefore, bet him that if he died before me and found himself alive on the other side, he would send me a message admitting that I was right. With dad being of ill health, due to a lifetime of heavy smoking and drinking, he humorously accepted the bet.


18 months later, I had a disturbing dream in which I was once again in my hometown in England. I was about to walk into a church where a whole bunch of people were mourning at a funeral. Just as I was about to enter the church, I was whisked away and awoke, having never attended the funeral. Four months later I had another dream that I lost one of my front teeth, only to read that according to native American wisdom that means the loss of a father. Two months later I received a phone call from my oldest friend, David, and my Mum, informing me that my dad had been found dead early one morning behind his car in a car-park next to a local pub. I took a flight to the UK the next day to support mum and help her to organize dad’s funeral. David picked me up at Heathrow airport and told me that the police wanted to talk to me as soon as I got to Mum’s house. It turned out that Dad had been mugged by two young men and had died of a heart attack as a result. The police pursued the main perpetrator to Glasgow, Scotland and arrested him, while I was still at Mum’s house. They also arrested the second man, who’d taken only a passive role. Although we’d organized dad’s funeral, it could not proceed while I was in the UK; under British law, the accused were each entitled to have independent autopsies conducted, and there were no coroners available at the time. I, therefore, returned to Australia and ended up missing my own dad’s funeral.


Still shocked and in mourning, I phoned my metaphysics teacher, Rosalia, to tell her what had happened. During the call, I asked if she could contact my dad, having declined to mention our bet. She tuned in and replied, “Oh yes, but it doesn’t make much sense and isn’t very interesting.” She went on to declare that all he’d said was: “You were right all along, Dave.” At first, I was disappointed he hadn’t said more. Then it occurred to me that he was a man of very few words, and that’s precisely what he would have said. He was never one to embellish anything, but at least he was kind enough to honor our bet from beyond the grave!


I subsequently had two dreams about dad. In the first, my wife, young son, and I visited him in what I can only describe as an afterlife hospital. He was still somewhat traumatized from his violent death but was receiving assistance from afterlife care assistants. Yes, there is work for those who want it in the afterlife! In the second, about six months later, he’d fully recovered, was fit, healthy, and happy. He also appeared as I remember him in his mid-thirties while I was growing up in the sixties. I’ve since learnt that deceased persons often appear to relatives and friends in a preferred form from their former lives. It was wonderful to see him as a tall, lean, young, and healthy person once more.


At this stage, I was still angry at missing his funeral, and at the two young men who’d killed him. (They only received 4 years in jail for their violent crime). Fortunately, I was studying for a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Lifecare at the time, and we were required to undertake personal counselling sessions as part of our course. The lady counsellor I selected used a technique known as Focusing, during which she asked me to view the main perpetrator from a higher perspective. I closed my eyes and visualized him as being surrounded by a mass of insidious dark energy. When I tried to answer from my own perspective of seeking justice, she interrupted by saying, “No, what does would the light want to do for him?” Where previously, I’d been filled with anger and resentment, I replied, “The light wants to burn away all the darkness that surrounds him to liberate his soul.” At that moment I saw all darkness being burnt away and a shining soul liberated from torment. All my anger immediately dissolved, never to return. With that came the understanding the no one is truly evil but can be negatively influenced by dark energies that influence their actions.


I finally completed my metaphysics course, together with diplomas in hypnotherapy, remedial massage, and Holistic Counselling and Lifecare. I resigned from my job as a home loan specialist at a major commercial bank. I then started my own business as a healer, remedial massage therapist, life coach, and past life regression therapist. I must say that I loved the work and learnt a lot from helping other people. I especially enjoyed life coaching, energetic healing, and past life work. Not only was I assisting others, but I was learning a lot myself. Although I only ran my business full time for a year and returned to the corporate world due to financial commitments, I continued to work as an energetic healer and regression therapist in my spare time.


What I discovered from conducting past life regressions over the years, was that many of our current life habits, beliefs, skills, hang-ups, traumas, and illnesses have their roots in former lifetimes. By distinguishing these, I assisted my clients to heal old wounds and traumas. They were also able to recover lost knowledge past life skills. One client proved to be exceptionally good at regressing. I, therefore, asked if she’d like to attend a complimentary session to explore one of her Atlantean lives, for research purposes. She agreed. During the session, she informed me under hypnosis that she’d never lived on Earth during the Atlantean era. She then floored me by saying, “Would you like me to go there anyway?” In reply, I asked, “How can you go there if you’ve never lived there?” She replied that she could go to any time of her choosing, as a spiritual entity.


After we agreed to proceed, I asked her to imagine travelling through a time tunnel until she arrived at an era that existed before the Great Flood. She then peered out of the tunnel over ten thousand years ago to describe the Earth as it existed then. She described vast fields of corn and clear blue skies. She then announced that three men, dressed in purple robes were walking towards her. Furthermore, they’d noticed her head poking out above the ground. When I asked if she’d like to leave, she replied that she preferred to stay, since they were friendly and wished to communicate. I got her to fully emerge from the tunnel to await their arrival. She then informed me that she recognized the man in the middle and knew from their purple robes that they were Atlantean priests. When I asked who the man in the middle was, she astonished me by proclaiming that he was me!


What happened next was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She acted as an intermediary and conducted a two-way conversation between me and my Atlantean incarnation. I thought I’d impress him by asking her to describe our civilization. As it turned out, all she had to do was visualize an object like a skyscraper or a passenger jet and he was able to see it. She explained, on his behalf, that this telepathic ability was common amongst his caste. She then informed me that he wasn’t impressed with our civilization due to high levels of pollution he perceived. I asked her to inform him that their civilization would one day end in a great cataclysm, thinking this might help them prepare for what was to come. To my surprise, he didn’t seem too concerned. He explained that they understood their era was ending and that his people would proceed into the next era (ours). He pointed out that he was still active within the Earth plane through me, and that no-one ever really dies! It was then that my client requested to return to the present, as she was getting tired. We, therefore, bid the Atlantean priests farewell, thanked them for their participation, and wished them good luck in the future. They bid us the same, informing us that we were also approaching the end of our era and would have our work cut out to ensure a smooth transition.


To say we were astonished by what had occurred is an understatement. Not only had we discovered my client was one of a select group of souls who can travel to any time or dimension at will, but we’d learnt that time is illusionary and that the past and the future are really occurring in the now. As the years have passed, having taken a keen interest in quantum physics, I’ve learned that many scientists now indeed view time as illusionary. Apparently, it occurs due to the interaction of consciousness with the powerful EM fields created by stars and planets. If this is indeed the case, I may well have had a genuine real-time chat with one of my Atlantean incarnations. The astonishing implications of this are that all time periods do indeed occur simultaneously, and that, from the perspective of our oversouls, no-one ever really dies!


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