PART 7: Past Life Regression Session 1: Mind-blowing and life-changing experience! …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

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PART 7: Past Life Regression Session 1: Mind-blowing and life-changing experience!



Shortly after meeting the person who was to become my second wife and the mother of my only son, we met Sandra at a Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in Sydney. She just happened to live down the road from us in Coogee. At this stage, I was working as an export manager at my new company and was desperately unhappy there. Sandra was an accomplished healer and hypnotherapist. When I told her that I’d always been fascinated with the idea of reincarnation and would love to do a past life regression, she invited me to attend a regression session at her apartment. I enthusiastically agreed.

After I arrived at Sandra’s apartment the next day, she made me comfortable and asked me if I felt a special affinity to any countries or eras. I told her I’d always been fascinated with ancient Rome, Greece, and America, and that I had a good friend who I’d visited a few times in Germany. She then hypnotized me and asked me to visualize walking across a bridge spanning the River of Time, while she counted from one to ten.

Shortly after the count of ten, she asked me to look around me. I saw nothing at first. She then asked me to look at my feet and I saw that I was wearing a pair of black pointed shoes. I then saw that I was wearing strange beige pants and matching tunic. I then realized that I was inhabiting a much larger male body to the one I was used to. I had a huge rib cage, greater cranial capacity, and jet-black hair. I told Sandra my name was Brae Xallinor (pronounced CH) and that I was the first son of an important dignitary: a political administrator or perhaps a royal figure, like a duke or a king. As soon as Sandra asked me to describe my father and to state whether he reminded me of anyone in my current life, I saw the image of a regal man who reminded me of Grandad (who I’ve referred to on numerous occasions throughout this series). Whether these two individuals are projections of the same soul-mind, I can’t be certain, but intuition tells me that they might well be.

When Sandra asked me about my mother in this past life, I was shocked to see a regal lady who looked distinctly like the girlfriend I’d just met, who was destined to become my second wife. When asked what my past-life mother did for a living, I replied that her job was to entertain important dignitaries from all over the kingdom and other parts of the world. I found that amusing, since my future wife loved hosting dinner parties, took great pride in them, and always treated preparations very seriously. Years later, I was to discover from my Aunty Bette, (my current-life dad’s elder sister), that the name of Grandad’s first wife was the same as that of my second wife, and that we shared identical wedding dates: April 13. Coincidence??? Perhaps. And, also, somewhat unsettling. After all, who wants to think that one’s partner in this life was one’s parent in a previous life? I am, however, assured by experts in the field of past life regression that we indeed reincarnate repeatedly with people from the same soul group, and that we often switch rolls to learn from one another and also to work out past life karma.

The other thing that fascinated me was that I found myself in the same massive white mansion or palace that I’d dreamt about as a kid, and to which I’ve yearned to return ever since. Sandra got me to look around every room of the house. It was big and white, and all the rooms were circular. Some had permanent high ceilings, while others had ceilings that opened to the sky, and yet others were permanently open. We had a great big bathroom that reminded me of the Roman baths often seen in the movies. I refused to go into the kitchen, however, as I claimed that it was the domain of the servants, and it was beneath my station to go there. It’s interesting to note that I hated cooking at the time, although I’ve become moderately proficient at this chore over the years.

I went on to explain to Sandra that where I lived had a very warm climate and hardly ever rained. When she asked me where it was, I replied that I thought it was Poseidia or Atlantis and that it was located on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean near Florida and the Caribbean. Interestingly, I’ve always been fascinated with the Caribbean, although I still haven’t been there. Florida, however, was the first US state I visited on the North American continent. When Sandra asked me what we called America in Atlantean days, I replied that we called it the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, a name to which America is apparently often referred to this day.

After viewing and describing most rooms in the house, Sandra asked me if I wanted to see any more of this life. I abruptly replied, “No!” as my past-life parents were always drilling into me the importance of my duties and frowned upon my desire to associate with the servants and the common people. Interestingly in this life, I’ve never enjoyed managing others and being duty-bound to serve heartless corporations; I dislike telling people what to do but enjoy helping others who want to understand their lives or our world better.

When Sandra asked if I wanted to visit another life, I replied, “Yes,” and she guided me over the bridge again. I immediately found myself inhabiting the body of a slender young boy with pale skin, bright blue eyes, and blonde hair. I was standing on a beach in the Mediterranean. I sensed that the beach was either on the Greek mainland or an island. Interestingly, the first foreign vacation I ever took with my first girlfriend was to Crete. We’d ended up going there, only after I’d closed my eyes and plonked my forefinger slap-bang on the island of Crete, on a map that the travel agent had placed before us. I informed Sandra that I belonged to a beautiful blonde race of people who’d inhabited the area a long time ago. I was later surprised to discover that a blonde race of people had indeed inhabited Greece in ancient times. I also informed Sandra, that, in contrast to my last life of privilege and responsibility, I was now the son of a humble fisherman- which I much preferred. I wanted to be just like my father one day, to own my own boat and go fishing for my family. (I’ve also yearned to own a boat in this life since I was a kid). I went to view our house, which was a circular mud hut on the beach. When asked if I wanted to see more of that life, I replied, “No, I’d rather go onto another one,” as I sensed that a terrible apocalyptic event would occur in that lifetime that I wasn’t ready to relive.

So, Sandra counted me across the bridge into yet another lifetime. This time I was swept straight into the body of a soldier, who was standing in the middle of a field during a fierce night battle. I was holding a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other. Cannon and muskets were flashing all around me. It was downright terrifying. When she asked me where I was, I told her that I was in America during the civil war and that I was a colonel by the name of Carter or Cartwright. When asked which side I was on, I sensed that although I adored the South, I was loyal to the Union and opposed slavery. Before I could say for sure, I felt as though my lungs filled with blood. Next thing I knew, I was lying on a stretcher or mat in a tent, knowing that I’d received musket fire in the chest. Next thing, I was levitating through the roof the tent and high in the air over a large encampment. It was set in a beautiful green pasture set between two rivers, and the sun was shining. The encampment was filled with tents, cannon, horses, and soldiers milling around. Although I felt sad having to leave them, I also felt a great sense of joy and elation at having been released from my broken and disfigured body. Next moment, I shot heavenward and disappeared into the ether.

Despite reeling from having already visited three past lives, I asked Sandra to take me into a fourth, to which she agreed. This time I found myself standing in a field in Germany close to the Dutch border. I told Sandra that I was a fifty-five-year-old farmer named Dom. I was also tired, cynical, and totally disillusioned with life, having lost my family during the war. I sensed the year was late 1944 or early ‘45. Overhead, I could see lots of fluffy white clouds that looked like anti-aircraft shells exploding. Next moment, I think I was killed by an allied bomb; it all happened so quickly. Interesting, because I took to the German language as a fish to water when I taught myself the basics, and now have two close German friends with whom I share a close affinity.

Sandra finally brought me back to my current body. According to her, I’d been under hypnosis for close to three hours. All I know is that multiple regression session literally blew my mind, and I was never able to relate to myself the same again. I’d walked into Sandra’s apartment as simply Dave Dennis but walked out as an immortal soul who chooses to incarnate into numerous lives in various guises, to learn and grow. From that moment, I became obsessed with the legend of Atlantis and started to consume every book and article I could find on the subject. I also developed a fascination with crystals, energetic healing, hypnotherapy, and apocalyptic prophecy, knowing that these would prove useful in my future work.

I remember waking up in the early hours of the following morning, walking onto my balcony, gazing up at the myriad stars in the heavens and thinking there’s more to life than slaving away at a job I hated just because it paid well. Later that morning, I walked into work, handed in my resignation, and ended up walking out the door thirty minutes later, never to return.

Regarding past life regression, I believe there are four plausible explanations, all of which may apply under different circumstances.:

1) Our oversouls indeed project repeatedly into different bodies in different time periods, and we can access our memories by reconnecting with those oversouls or higher selves.

2) We’re able to tap into genetic memory inherited from our ancestors.

3) We’re able to tap into universal consciousness under hypnosis and explore any life of any individual as we choose.

4) We’re able to confabulate any life of our choice from memories, images, information stored within our subconscious minds.

I’d like to add that extremes of emotion that I, and many of my clients, have experienced during regression sessions suggests that our recalled memories are very real and unlikely to have been confabulated. They can also lead to dramatic changes in personal outlook and the recovery of past skills, knowledge, and beliefs. Furthermore, they indicate that human history and cosmic reality are quite different from what has foisted upon us by our historians, governments, religions, and scientists. I’ll be sharing my second past life regression with Sandra in Part 8. This includes a mind-blowing visit to my home star system. It also includes a vivid memory of The Great Flood or Destruction of Atlantis, which left me in tears and determined to help others avoid within the near future.

End of Part 7: (Previous parts saved within group feed)

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