PART 6: Coogee, UFO Dreams, Greys, Expansion of Consciousness, Wish List, Accelerated Awareness …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

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PART 6: Coogee, UFO Dreams, Greys, Expansion of Consciousness, Wish List, Accelerated Awareness



The name Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word koojah which means smelly place. It is also said to have been named due to the smell of rotting seaweed which often washes up on Coogee Bay Beach. But since the beach is carefully maintained by the local council, modern Coogee is anything but smelly. It is a beautiful beach resort, where locals mingle with other Aussies and foreign tourists. I lived there for 4 wonderful years, during which I started telling people: “When I left the UK and migrated to Australia, it was as though I’d died and come to heaven!” This is still one of my favorite catchphrases to this day. The funny thing is that the three best friends I met in Coogee all came from Canada. One was a girl from Vancouver, named Michelle, who lived with me for about ten months. She’s a Pisces, the sign that I’ve since come to recognize as the most compatible signs with me. (I’m Cancer). Considering Vancouver was one of the places that I told my mum I’d consider moving to when I grew up, and I shared a strong affinity with all three of these Canadians, I’m convinced I have strong past life connections with them all and that they may well be part of my soul group.

Michelle was younger than me, on vacation, and not ready to settle down, so she eventually headed back to Vancouver. We’ve since lost contact, unfortunately. It was shortly after she left in Dec 93, that I experienced a lucid dream that opened a conduit within me that set me on a cosmic journey that has continued to this day. I was asleep in my rented two-bed apartment one night when I dreamt that I was looking out of the window at thick black clouds that had gathered overhead. I suddenly noticed bright strobing lights coming from behind the clouds. Next thing, a massive UFO loomed out of the clouds. Its main body took the form of a vast black metallic sphere, from which extended six thick black arms, all of which culminated in miniature identical black spheres. I shuddered, sensing that this UFO was occupied by malevolent entities of which I should be wary.

The scene changed dramatically. I found myself gazing at a bright blue sky, from which descended hundreds of thousands of brightly colored UFOs of various shapes and sizes. They landed in every country of the world, and on all seven continents, including Antarctica. Instinctively, I understood that these UFOs represented the civilizations of a vast federation, somewhat like United Federation of Planets in my favorite Sci-fi series, Star Trek. Unlike the initial black UFO, however, I sensed that their occupants were benevolent in nature; here to assist humanity in our evolution. I also felt that my soul was closely aligned to the occupants of some of these UFO’s and that their arrival had something to do with my soul mission here on Earth.

Again, the scene changed. This time, I was lying in bed, marveling at what I’d just seen, thinking that I’d just awoken. Two bipedal Greys, standing approximately 1.2 meters (4 feet) in height, suddenly walked through my bedroom door and strode right up to me, causing me to awaken for real and to sit bolt upright in bed. My left shoulder itched intensely, and I subsequently discovered a white scar on my left shoulder blade that I’d never noticed before. My shoulder still itches at times to this day! Despite this, I assumed at the time that my dream had been precisely that: A dream. Even now, I’m uncertain if it was just a dream or whether I experienced an alien abduction. (Must do a regression soon to find out!) What I do know for sure is that something had changed in me overnight. My fascination with UFOs, aliens, apocalyptic prophesies, the Infinite Creator, and anything of an esoteric culture soared dramatically, as did my insatiable thirst for knowledge. My psychic abilities also increase exponentially, and I found myself more in tune with others and the world around me.

In one instance I was trying to sleep, when I suddenly heard hundreds of conversations taking place in the apartments of my building and adjacent building blocks all around me. It was amazing! I could even listen to individual conversations if I wanted to but finally fell asleep. In another, I was with a friend in my local pub, when I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable and got an overwhelming urge to leave. Next morning, my friend informed me that within a minute of me walking out the door of that pub, an almighty brawl erupted in the bar that we’d been standing in. Apparently, chairs and glasses began flying everywhere and everyone in the bar was embroiled in the brawl. My friend happened to be a 2nd Dan Ninjutsu, so he could take good care of himself, but he was convinced that I had received precognitive warning of trouble. Despite being trained in martial arts, (Kyokushin Karate), I have always detested violence of any sort, which is quite understandable, given some of my past life military experiences, which I’ll be sharing in subsequent instalments.

Anyway, at the beginning of 1994, I decided I’d had enough of the single life and living on a shoestring budget, that I created a bucket list which included a new job paying me an extra $10K a year, a new partner, and to become more spiritual (whatever that meant). About six months later, I met a local woman named Margaret, at precisely the same time I landed a new job as an export manager – paying exactly $10 K extra per year!!!

So, I’d achieved the first items on my bucket list. But what I hadn’t figured on was that material things, like well-paid jobs and money, don’t always fit hand-in-glove with spiritual growth. Having said that, they can result in a massive lesson that results in a dramatic karmic awakening! Well, that was precisely what happened. Without going into detail, my new job turned out to be a living hell, and two months later, I walked out and told them the shove their job right up their backsides. That cost me a great deal of self-confidence and money, and I was not to gain full-time employment for another year. What I did do, however, was to contact a past-life regression hypnotherapist. She literally blew my mind, so that I could never relate to myself as only a one-off mortal incarnation ever again!

I also landed a casual job selling fitness equipment. This saw me working in Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals throughout the Eastern states of Australia, and in Canberra (the Australian capital city). I also attended rigorous self-development classes, during which I was trained to the nth degree in integrity and public speaking! I would also eventually go on to completing three more diplomas: In Remedial Massage, Wholistic Counselling & Life Care, and Hypnotherapy (specializing in Past & Future Life Regressions, and soul-higher self-integration work). In addition to this, I would complete training with a private tutor in metaphysics and crystal energy/reiki healing, which was to plunge me into a whole world of weird, which taught me to have total respect for the esoteric world and everything associated with it. Believe me, you don’t want to mess with this stuff unless you really know what you’re doing! (As my metaphysics teacher insisted on warning me, and which I stupidly ignored at the time). As I was soon to discover beyond a shadow of a doubt: The spirit world is very real, as are angelic beings, demons, ETs, the Infinite Creator, alternate dimensions and timelines, and the wonderful Law of Karma.

I so want to plunge into all this right now, but as you’ll probably appreciate, it’s mind-blowing stuff and will take some time to unpack! I’ll, therefore, serve it up over the next few instalments. Meantime, folks, I hope you’re enjoying my crazy journey, and that in some way this is helping you in yours.


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