PART 5: Adelaide to Sydney, God Has Spoken, Connections, Signs & Strange Events …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

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PART 5: Adelaide to Sydney, God Has Spoken, Connections, Signs & Strange Events



To say that my two years in Adelaide was an unmitigated disaster would be an exaggeration. My fiancé and I had fun, I was granted permanent residence, and we got married. But then it all turned pear-shaped within a couple of years. The world was in a recession: It was difficult to get work in Adelaide at the time, but a friend helped me get a menial job in a car yard as a car detailer. It was during that time that he almost got us killed in a near-head on collision on a country road. How we didn’t hit the other car at 80 KMPH, I have no idea, other than to confirm the deep understanding that I’d developed that I was protected. It may sound crazy, but I do feel that I’ve had a protective envelope around me all my life, which I believe is available to all of us, if we learn to remain connected to Source and follow our intuition. Anyway, suffice it to say that my friend and I survived – by the skin of our teeth!

I proceeded to get a better job selling new Toyota’s, but that game sure isn’t easy, especially for a rookie salesman in a recession In South Australia. On the domestic front, things were even worse. I won’t go into details, but the vacation romance certainly didn’t develop into matrimonial bliss. Quite the opposite; it became a living hell. So, my wife decided to ship me back to England. I agreed and was just about to pay for my one-way flight to Heathrow Airport, when an overwhelming thought filled my mind: Don’t do it! You’re not finished here yet! I literally froze and dropped my pen, thinking that I couldn’t stay in Adelaide, but I also was reluctant to return to England with my tail between my legs either. So, I decided to head to Queensland to think about my future, up there. I was just about to book a bus pass straight to Brisbane and then onto Cairns in North East Queensland, when my wife insisted that I must see Sydney on the way. Despite my previous intuition that I should be in Sydney, I happened to have hated big cities at the time. I was therefore reluctant to go at first. Then another voice in my head said: You must go to Sydney, first! So, I did. I booked a bus pass all the way to Cairns, via Sydney and Brisbane.

I only intended to stay in Sydney for three days, max – to see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. I therefore checked into a backpacker hostel in Coogee Bay, in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. I really liked Coogee, as it’s a small beach suburb and has a beautiful high-vibrational energy, not too dissimilar to that of the Hawaiian Island chain. It was on my third day that I decided to travel into the city to see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Once I got into town, I got lost and sat down to read a map. An elderly man immediately sat beside me and asked if I were lost. He helped me to read my map, but it’s what happened after that that shocked me. He wished me good luck, bid me farewell, pushed a blank white business card in my hand, and promptly walked off. When I turned that card over it said three words that I will never forget for the rest of my life. It said in BIG GOLD letters:


At that moment, a massive surge of energy leaped through my spine and into my brain. It was as though someone had switched on a floodlight and woken me up.

I went on to find the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, then returned to the Coogee Bay Backpackers, where I immediately met a hilarious guy named Girard, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We immediately hit it off. Being a chef, he went out next day to land a job in a restaurant. I thought, if he can do that, I can too! Next day, I went to an employment agency in a place called Botany. During the interview, my interviewer asked me if I had a college diploma or a degree. When I answered, no, she suggested that I return when I had one. I left, feeling despondent, and resolved to continue my bus trip to Queensland, then to eventually swallow my pride and return home to my mum and dad in England.

Twenty minutes after returning to Coogee Bay Back Packers, the lady at the agency rang me and said: “You did say you had export documentation experience, didn’t you?” When I confirmed I had, she said: “You won’t believe this, but twenty minutes after you walked out the door, an employer rang me, desperate to interview anyone with export docs experience. That may happen once in a blue moon. I really can’t believe the synchronicity!” (Neither could I!) “Would you like to attend an interview?”

I thought, what the heck? And went to the interview the next day. The given name of the General Manager who interviewed me was identical to my surname. He liked me and offered me a job the same day. I accepted. He then invited me to an industry-related dinner-dance that weekend. I agreed to go and gave away my bus pass, completely free of charge, to a young English backpacker at the hostel. I subsequently went to the dinner-dance and won 1st prize in a raffle: A week for two up at a luxury resort in Hamilton Island, Queensland, plus the return flights! My new boss was not impressed, because I’d bought the ticket just before his, he’d spent $100 of the company’s money on himself, and I’d only spent only $2! This was the first time I’d ever won anything in my life, and within only days of giving away my bus pass for free to a stranger! (Law of karmic returns, perhaps?) I took Girard with me, and we had an absolute ball! I achieved three ambitions in 7 days: Skydiving – over Hamilton Island, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, during which I met a placid reef shark, and I swam with two dolphins in the hotel pool. It was incredible and cheered me up immensely; just the tonic I needed after a traumatic break up!

When we returned to the backpackers in Coogee, we met another Canadian: Sharon, from Vancouver. Both Girard and Sharon have remained life-long friends ever since. In addition to experiencing all these amazing events, my General Manager paid for me to study for an Export Management Diploma. Despite three disastrous attempts to get back with my wife, I eventually decided to remain in Sydney permanently, instead of returning to the UK, as planned. I have now lived in this amazing city for 29 years, which I can still hardly believe.  And Mrs Wilkins picked it back in ’85 while I was still living with my parents. When I look back and think of the words on the back of the card that elderly man gave me on my third day in Sydney, my chance meeting with friends, the set of incredible events, and Mrs Wilkins’ prediction, I can’t help but think that something or someone has always intended for me to live in Sydney. Why? Well, deep down, I feel that Australia needed light workers to help with the Great Awakening, which we’re all experiencing now. There are plenty of light workers in America and Canada, which were the other places that intrigued me when I was a kid, but not so many here. Although, having said that, light workers are emerging in their droves now that the Great Awakening is upon us!

Anyway, that brings me to the year 1993. This year marked the commencement of hyper-accelerated soul growth that was set to literally blow my mind and change my understanding of the cosmic reality forever! I look forward to sharing these experiences with you but will save that sharing for parts 6 & 7. Meantime, stay safe, everyone. Take comfort from my deep understanding that The Great Awakening is upon us, and human consciousness is about to change forever!

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