Part 8: Self Development/Past Life Regression: Session 2 …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

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Part 8: Self Development/Past Life Regression: Session 2



To say that my life and paradigm changed after my first past life regression would be an understatement; it was as though I’d created a completely new timeline for myself. Having walked away from the best-paying job I’d ever had and having thrown myself at the mercy of the universe was scary, to say the least! At the same time, it was extremely liberating. Fortunately, my partner invited me to enrol in a rigorous self-development program. This course enabled me to distinguish negative programming and patterns of behavior, which I was able to replace with consciously selected commitments and behaviors that supported my journey. I didn’t think I had much to complete from my current life at the time, but I was in for a big surprise! As it turned out, I had plenty of issues to work on, including incompletions from my failed first marriage, which eventually permitted me to marry again and have my own family.

At the end of the initial self-development courseparticipants were invited to sign up for an advanced course for an additional cost of $700. Having just walked away from my job and paid for the first courseI was hesitant to spend more money, but my partner recommended signing up and trusting the universe to take care of the details. So, I took the plunge and signed up. Two days later I received a pleasant surprise in the mail from my former employer: a cheque for $708. I was amazed that it covered the entire cost of the course, plus an additional $8. The extra $8 eluded me at the time but turned out to be the exact cost of traveling to and from the course! Astonishing, especially considering the way I’d walked out on my former employer. What it taught me was that the universe invariably aligns with one’s purpose once a person commits to a firm course of action.

It was around the same time that I visited Sandra for my second past life regression. If I considered the first regression to be a mind-spin, this one took things to an entirely new level! By now I was fascinated with the Legend of Atlantis and the privileged but burdened life of Brae Xallinor, who’d lived thousands of years ago. I, therefore, told Sandra that I wanted to re-visit that life, or, even better, visit my very first Atlantean incarnation.

She agreed and counted me back over the bridge. I fully expected to find myself ready to explore my life as Brae Xallinor, but, instead, found myself floating in an ocean of pure white light. When Sandra asked me to look down at my feet, I promptly informed her that I didn’t have any feet or, indeed, a physical body of any description. I then started prattling on about something called The Divine Mysteries. When she asked me if I wanted to learn more about The Divine Mysteries, I answered, “Yes.” I was immediately swept through a swirling tunnel of golden light on a journey that seemed to last forever, but at the same time was over within the blink of an eye; time appeared utterly meaningless.

I emerged from the tunnel to discover myself floating in space before a vast orb of golden light. I was immediately overcome with a sense of awe and amazement. I felt an overwhelming love for this golden orb, knowing deep down that it was a divine sentient being. I also instinctively knew that it was the home from which I’d emerged, to which I’m eternally connected, and to where I will eventually return. When Sandra asked me what it was, I informed her that it was a star. I explained that I was gazing on it from a higher dimensional perspective. This accounted for its appearance as a serene golden sphere as opposed to being a blazing nuclear furnace. She then asked me if it was our Sun, to which I replied, “No, it’s Sirius!” I informed her that it was my home and that I used to live and work there. She asked me what type of work I did there. I replied that I worked with the energy flows of the star and explained that it was part of a vast cosmic grid that connected the entire galaxy, and even the other galaxies of the universe. When she asked me if I worked alone or with others, I informed her that I worked with a friend called Radi. He reminded me of a friend called Mark, with whom I used to knock about in the UK in my early twenties. Mark and I are still in touch to this day, although I’ve never informed him that I believe we might have worked together within the energy flows of Sirius! Maybe one day soon. After all, we are experiencing the Great Awakening!

I must admit that much of what I’d been talking about during my regression had made little sense to me at the time. It was only later that I learned that the Atlanteans are supposedly connected with the legend of the Anunnaki and that the Anunnaki are extraterrestrials who are supposed to have originated from the star system of Sirius B. I was also later to develop a fascination with cosmology and quantum physics, from which I learned that many scientists now believe the universe is a vast energy system, within which all galaxies and stars are interconnected. It’s hard to believe that I was describing such mind-blowing concept as early as 1996, even though I’d never read any literature or watched videos on the subject at the time.

When Sandra invited me to return from Sirius, I was reluctant to do so at first, informing her that I preferred to remain as I wanted to go home. But then a clear thought entered my head that it wasn’t time to go home and there was important work to be completed within the Earth plane. I, therefore, reluctantly agreed to return to the Earth and travelled back through the same tunnel from which I’d arrived. In describing the tunnel, I’d say that it was like the time-tunnel shown at the beginning of Doctor Who, only, instead of being multi-colored, it was a beautiful golden color. It also reminds of wormholes which regularly feature in Sci-fi shows and movies. I now believe that souls (being pure energy) can indeed travel through space-time, using wormholes or vortexes that occur naturally, or which can be artificially created.

Upon my return, I found myself standing in a human body at the edge of a cliff overlooking a vast ocean. The sky was pitch black, except for regular flashes of lightning which revealed massive tidal waves raking the ocean. These things had to be several miles high. I was utterly terrified and began to breathe heavily. I then found myself floating high in the air, gazing down at a vast ocean of muddy water. I realized that I was back within the Earth plane, but that everyone and everything had been consumed by an ocean of mud. When Sandra asked me what I’d experienced, I informed her that I’d just watched The Great Flood and the destruction of Atlantis. I didn’t get the chance to see my body or to explore my last Atlantean incarnation during that regression, due to being terribly upset. I had tears running down my cheeks as I repeated, “We warned them, but they didn’t listen and got what they deserved!” When Sandra asked why I was upset, when I thought they’d got what they deserved, I replied that I felt sorry for all the innocent children and animals who had nothing to do with the evil people that had caused the disaster.

Once Sandra had completed some much-needed healing around my grief, she asked me if I wanted to move onto another incarnation, to which I reluctantly agreed. I suddenly found myself standing in a white toga in a beautiful Roman Villa. I think my name was Vadis or something similar. When she asked me where I lived, I replied that I owned the villa. I then looked out of the window to see Mt Vesuvius nearby and informed Sandra that I lived in the Roman city of Pompei but had to travel to Rome for extended periods due to my work. When she asked me what I did for a living, I replied that I was military-political. I then saw an image of myself standing in the Roman senate. I wasn’t sure at the time what I meant by military-political, but I subsequently discovered that wealthy Roman patricians often gained political power through the pursuit of successful military careers, as in the case of one of my all-time favorite historical figures, Julius Caesar. It’s interesting, as I was always interested in the military and politics at school and was tempted to pursue a political or military career, even though I hate war and despise the corruption of politics. I’m pleased to say that I have never chosen either in this life, although I’m still fascinated by both. When Sandra asked me to describe more of my life, I saw plumes of smoke and ash rising from the crater of Mt Vesuvius, and shuddered, convinced that a huge eruption from that volcano would one day claim my life. I often wonder if my bones were later found petrified within the ruins of Pompei and are currently displayed within a museum in modern Pompei.

Being reluctant to explore my Roman incarnation any further, I asked Sandra to bring me back to my current physical body and time. She promptly counted me back over the bridge. I must admit, I awoke feeling confused and somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t explored an Atlantean life. But what I got was a deep insight into the home of my soul, together with an insight into the structure of the universe. I also got to witness the Great Flood and destruction of Atlantis, plus I gained an insight into my fascination with and dread of war and politics. In addition to all this, that session instilled into me a burning desire to explore the Divine Mysteries. This later inspired me to take a keen interest in metaphysics, energetic healing, quantum physics, cosmology, anthropology, archaeology. ancient history, and the legend of Atlantis. It also spurred me into studying for diploma’s in remedial massage, hypnotherapy, and wholistic counselling, and into eventually completing my first Sci-fi, Spiritual, Action-adventure novel The Tora Legacy.

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