PART 9: Marriage,Life reading, and Metaphysics …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality
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PART 9: Marriage/Life reading/Metaphysics/Kundalini/Increased Psychic Perception


I emerged from my 2nd regression having embraced an exciting new paradigm. I no longer viewed myself as a human being having a spiritual experience, but as a spiritual being having one of multiple human experiences. I also developed an increased sense of urgency re forthcoming global events & their connection to my life purpose. As such, I requested the Infinite Creator to send me appropriate guides, experiences, and the resources required to fulfil my life purpose. As a bonus, I resolved incompletions from my failed marriage which led to a second marriage a year later.

Soon after getting married, my wife and I attended a local psychic festival. It was there that I met Rosalia, a gifted Australian-Hungarian psychic. As soon as I sat down, she floored me by declaring that I was “Not of this world”. She then explained that I’d originated from another star system and had also lived past lives on four planets in this Solar System: Mars, Maldek, Pluto, and Earth. I’ve since learned that Maldek (also known as Tiamat in ancient Sumerian records) was supposedly destroyed in a natural cataclysm or a cosmic war, and now forms the asteroid belt found between Mars and Saturn. I’ve since had lucid dreams about being on Mars and glimpses of a past life in which I was a nuclear scientist and was killed in a nuclear attack on Maldek. Perhaps my mind created these scenarios because of what I was told. On the other hand, maybe these are genuine past life memories. I’ve no way of knowing for sure, but intuition suggests the latter.

Anyway, back to Rosalia. She invited us to join metaphysical classes held at her home. It was there that I learnt numerous metaphysical skills, including psychometry and crystal energy healing. I also experienced a rising of the Kundalini during deep meditation. This caused a surge of invigorating energy to rise from my base chakra right through the top of my head. An associate of Rosalia’s subsequently informed me that this had brought the mysterious 8th chakra, (located just above the top of the head), to move much closer to my crown chakra. It also apparently opened the brow chakra (Third Eye or pituitary gland) in my forehead. This is the psychic center that permits us to see subtler energies and to peer into alternative realities. By the way, never allow anyone to point infrared thermal imagers at your brow chakra. These instruments disrupt the third eye and suppress psychic abilities. Instead, request the imagers to be pointed at the underside of one of your wrists. Remember, the instigators of the current deep state Plandemic don’t want us to awaken! Hence, the deliberate addition of fluoride to our water, chemtrails to our skies, toxins in our food, and the use of toxic vaccines!

After the rising of the Kundalini, I re-discovered the natural abilities that I’d suppressed during childhood. These included the perception of highly evolved energetic beings which came to our classroom to observe and assist us. They often took the form of pure white, blue, or golden orbs. One orb of white light turned out to have been a Jewish Rabi in a previous life, whose thoughts I was able to channel and share with my classmates. The same ability enabled me to see an orb of pure white light working on my wife’s left flank while she was lying down. It was projecting a beam of pure white light into her. I told her not to move as we were keen to start a family. To our astonishment, we later worked out that she’d conceived our only son on that very day! I shall never forget the sight of that glorious white orb working on her; whether it was my son’s higher self or an angelic being helping us to have a family, I have no idea. What I am certain of is that it was not a figment of my imagination.

Very soon I began to run healing sessions from my home. I did, however, make the mistake of doing this before completing Rosalia’s course, much against her wise council. (The need to be patient has turned out to be one of my biggest life lessons!) During that time, I helped many people but failed to consider Rosalia’s warnings that the demonic realm is real and that demons (negative interdimensional & extraterrestrial entities) prey on human psyches; their victims happen to include inexperienced healers. These entities feed off our negative energy (Loosh: as labelled by Robert Monroe, author of three amazing books, creator of Hemi-sync technology, and founder of the Monroe Institute, Virginia, USA)
At this point that I’d like to share two personal experiences connected with the healing sessions:

The first involved a friend of mine. She was a massage therapist and had become extremely ill over the past two months, to the point when she could hardly walk or talk. She managed to make her way to my home one morning, where I conducted a crystal energy-reiki healing session. As soon as I started working on her, I was horrified to perceive a mass of insidious dark energy surrounding her body. It was quite frightening. Nothing I did, seemed to shift it! That’s when I decided to call upon the name of Jesus Christ. Now, I’m not a religious person and was certainly not aligned to the Christian faith, although I’ve always believed in the Christ or the Buddha Consciousness. In fact, I was a committed New ager at the time, although I’ve since learnt not to place any labels on myself or others. But at the mere mention of that name, I perceived a powerful beam of glorious golden light enter the room through the wall. It passed straight through my friend’s body and out through the floor. I then perceived a massive explosion of the dark energy, which filled the entire room before finally dissipating. Completely awed, I finished the healing session before returning my friend to regular Beta awareness. (These healing sessions take a person very deep.) To my amazement, she could now speak clearly for the first time in two months. She also described the same images I’d perceived. When she stood up, she was able to walk perfectly, and announced that it was the best she’d felt in two months! We were completely astonished, and, of course, jubilant. To this day, I’m amazed at what happened and extend full credit to the Infinite Creator.
On the flip side, I had a disturbing experience which validated Rosalia’s warnings about the demonic world. Unknown to me, I’d allegedly accumulated what she, and two of her associates, described as entity attachments, due to working with other people as a healer and training as a remedial massage therapist. This culminated in a dream during which I was stalked by a terrifying demonic entity, with bright-red eyes. It appeared to be reptilian and reminded me of photos and drawings I’ve subsequently seen of the Draco. This entity demanded that I bow down to it in exchange for all the wealth, fame, and success I’d ever wanted! When I refused, it threatened me by saying: “I could Burst your heart with a single thought!” I could sense that it wanted me to fear and revere it, neither of which I was prepared to do. Instead, I replied, with great confidence: “No, you can’t, because I have the protection of the Father!”
It instantly bugged out and never returned!!!
In my dream, I had absolute conviction that I do, indeed, have the protection of the Infinite Creator. As I said, I’m not a religious person but I have believed in an Infinite Creator since the death of my paternal Grandad when I was sixteen, (shared in an earlier part of this series). I’m also confident that everyone can benefit from the protection of the Infinite Creator, where we agree to work in accordance with the Divine Plan of Creation. Suffice it to say that I ceased to conduct any more healing’s until I’d completed Rosalia’s metaphysics course.

I have many more personal experiences that I could share with you re divine encounters, healing sessions, past life regressions, and run-ins with demonic entities (here to test us rather than being evil just for the hell of it), but then I’d end up writing an entire book, which is probably best saved for a separate project.
Instead, I’d like to use the final three parts of my series to share:
-Further insights gained into the spirit world/afterlife.
-Circumstances leading to the publishing of my first Sci-fi, Spiritual, Action-adventure novel The Tora Legacy.
-The discovery of various Secret Space Programs being run by many of our governments, and my life-changing journey to California.
-Meetings with members of the Disclosure Movement, and my subsequent alignment with the Global Alliance currently fighting the Cabal/Deep state.

End of Part 9: (Previous parts saved within group feed)

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