PART 11: Life change, The Lionwalker, Mum’s passing, Publishing of The Tora Legacy …

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

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PART 11: Life change, The Lionwalker, Mum’s passing, Publishing of The Tora Legacy



I shall never forget Mrs Wilkins’ psychic prediction of 1985, that by age 40 I’d be living with a partner and two children – in AUSTRALIA! Well, she was right – with a slight variation: the 2nd child was my Rottweiler, Caesar. Admittedly, this was only a temporary situation. Caesar lived only 8 years, and my wife and I parted ways after 11 years of marriage, in 2007, to follow different life paths. Meantime, we’d brought our son, Aaron, into the world; he taught us the true meaning of unconditional love.


By this time, I’d moved to a nearby beach suburb. Aaron and I got to spend many wonderful weekends together at the beach and in the local national parks; memories we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. We also got to watch lots of Sci-fi. It was in 2012 that I started having dreams and daytime visions of my very own Sci-fi action-adventure story, having been keen to write a novel since childhood. The plot and characters just kept pouring into my head over the next few months. At first, I intended to write a rip-roarin’, shoot-em-up interstellar war fest, but it was soon clear to me that this story was to have a strong spiritual component. I found myself including profound themes, such as the concept of an Infinite Creator from which all consciousness and reality emerged, The Cosmic Logos, galactic and stellar logoi, planetary spirits, monads (group souls), soul projections, reincarnation, karma, and Divine Plan of Creation. I also included numerous concepts from quantum physics, which I now understand to be only modern interpretations of ancient divine wisdom taught to us by our distant ancestors.


My script, which I felt compelled to name The Tora Legacy, turned out to be a real labor of love; I was also compelled to add to and enhance the story over a period of 7 years. By now I was convinced that someone or something was channeling information through me, and wanted to get it out to the world, in the guise of a Sci-fi novel. To me, it wasn’t about making money; it was about publishing my own novel and incorporating all the cool themes I’d been so desperate to read about from established authors. It was only later that I discovered that many of the themes are also found in the Law of One material allegedly channeled from a hive-mind entity named Ra. Whether some of the concepts contained in The Tora Legacy originate from this or another source, or simply my own mind, I can’t say for sure. But I do feel that many of the concepts contained therein, including the idea that all beings need to work together in peace, harmony, and cooperation to avoid an impending apocalypse, relate to The Great Awakening and current volatile events taking place on planet Earth.


I also realize that writing of The Tora Legacy accelerated my own spiritual growth. It changed me. I became more tolerant of my fellow human beings and less tolerant of the corporate world in which I’d been trapped for decades. It was in 2017, (two years before publishing my novel), that I had a major meltdown concerning my job. I was working as a natural hazard claims manager for a large insurance company at the time. Although the work had been helping people in need, it was always from a clinical corporate perspective, highly stressful, and totally unrewarding. I finally reached an impasse, whereby I couldn’t continue and took annual leave to consider my future. I was desperate to leave the corporate world but terrified at the prospect of being unemployed, having just paid off my mortgage, and reluctant to redraw on my line of credit.


That was when my friend, Geoff Strudwick, stepped in and invited me to attend a complimentary NLP Breakthrough session at his office, where he was attempting to establish his own transformational life coaching business. It was during this session that he challenged me by saying, “Do you want to be a sheep or a lion?” It was then that a brilliant light bulb switched on in my head. Having been reading about the boldness and wisdom of Lionwalker, a character in a Sci-fi novel, on the train that morning, I replied in all confidence: “A lion; in fact, I want to be The Lionwalker!” By the time I left Geoff’s office that day, I’d decided beyond all doubt to resign from my job and leave the corporate world forever!


I’ve never worked for anyone or any corporation since. As soon as I made a choice to move forward in accordance with my life purpose, the universe aligned with me. At the time, mum was receiving medical assistance at her local hospital in England. She was 91 years old and experiencing medical problems. I’d wanted to visit her for several months but realized the timing was crucial. Two days after visiting Geoff, my mum’s neighbor contacted me to suggest the time was indeed now! I phoned the hospital and a nurse agreed with the neighbor, so I booked a flight to the UK the next day. Since I’d yet to inform my employer of my decision to resign, they agreed to pay all entitlements for the next two months, which was a real Godsend.

Even though I arrived in the UK confident that mum would recover, as she always did, being as tough as boots, I discovered she was far worse than I’d suspected. I got to see her every day for eight days before she finally informed me that she’d had enough and was ready to move on. Even though she was 91 (same age as Queen Elizabeth II), I’d never really believed the day would come when I’d hear her say that. She’d also been fearful of death, having long turned against God, due to her brutal treatment by nuns at a convent school as a young girl. But I’m happy to say that due to the positive changes she’d seen in me over the past few years, her attitude towards the Creator had mellowed considerably. She informed me that she still loved Jesus and was looking forward to going home. At that, I suggested telling Him that, which she did. She passed peacefully in her sleep two days later.


To this day, I thank God that I recognized the importance of returning to the UK when I did. Even now I watch a video that mum’s neighbor made of her for me, two weeks before I returned to the UK. It still brings tears to my eyes. To cut a long story short, I remained in the UK three months to wrap up mum’s affairs. Being an only child, and with dad having died 18 years previously, the buck stopped with me. During that time, I received amazing help from friends and even strangers in everything I had to do.


I finally returned home to good old Sydney knowing that another chapter in my life had ended. I was also determined honor my commitment to the Infinite Creator to devote the rest of my life to working for the Divine Plan of Creation and to encourage others to do the same. I completed my novel in April 2019 and dedicated it to mum, and to my best man, Nick Stafford-Gaffney, who’d died only three months before her. Initially, I’d intended to publish through a mainstream channel, but a little voice in my head had told me that I needed to get the novel out there because it contained wisdom that would assist people during volatile times ahead. At the time, I had no idea that we would face the Corona Crisis, a global shutdown, and the polarization of political, religious, and economic views all over the world. But I did sense that something BIG was due to occur in the years 2020-21. I, therefore, self-published The Tora Legacy as an eBook and paperback in Amazon, which permitted me to get it to a global audience quickly and at an affordable price. I also made it available to their online library, free of charge so that it could reach a wider audience. I was simply happy to have achieved a lifetime ambition and to have dedicated it to mum and Nick, knowing they’d probably get to read it from the other side.


What I didn’t know at the time was that the publishing of The Tora Legacy would open many doors within the Disclosure/Truther/Ascension movement. This, in turn, would lead me to the beautiful US state of California, where I would attend Dimensions of Disclosure at Ventura before riding the AMTRAK to a city of my childhood dreams: San Diego. This vacation earned me many wonderful friends and contacts. It also opened my eyes to the extent of the global struggle currently being fought between The Alliance and the Cabal/Deep State/Illuminate. It is my vacation in California and the following events that I’ve saved for the concluding part of this series.


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