We all have stores to tell and share!

Tricia is a new contributor in our social groups area, and this article was transcribed and transferred here, to help her get her message out to the public. Register now to start sharing your stories as well (it’s free to share), either anonymously, or as yourself. Some information was restructured to better fit the style of an article, but the message is 100% Tricia’s amazing experience. Here is just the beginning of her amazing story!


We all have stories to tell and share


I thought this website would be a good place to start to share my journey of spiritual growth through the supernatural world. My path includes God, Witchcraft, Christianity, Buddhism, and I’ve dabbled for a while in ancient Egyptian knowledge.


You are not crazy!


My intention with writing this article, is to bring to light my experiences… and to share my story with others in order to let them know that other realms do exist, and that people who also claim to experience the same things, will know that they’re not crazy either. In my life, I feel as though I’ve always walked between two worlds (this world, and another unknown realm). Meaning for me the veil between each realm has always been known to me. Most children seem to lose their ability to see and feel this other realm, at about seven or eight years old. My ability has been dampened over the years, but has never gone away completely.


The impact of this knowledge, was all driven to a high point for me one night, when I overheard my parents arguing about me; my father wanted me in therapy, and my mother wanted to let me… be me. I’m very grateful that my mother won that argument that night, because who knows what might have happened.


So here is where my story really begins


I believe I was around four or five years old, when I had my first encounter with spirits, and I still remember it to this day. My mother walked by my room and saw me sitting on the floor staring at the ceiling, talking to someone. She eventually asked me who I was talking to, and I answered that it was grandpa (He passed away before I was born). I just remember her walking away either terrified or confused. I remember my grandfather telling me… that my life would be a little harder than others who don’t have or use this ability, and he also told me not to be afraid of it. I felt that he meant harder in a sense, that I’d struggle with having so called gifts… and with learning how to use and nurture those gifts. I don’t think he was referring to other things with life (the normal world so to speak). So far, the way things have been, he was exactly correct.


In school things got interesting


When I started going to kindergarten, and had to draw a picture of my favorite person, I drew a picture of my grandfather’s tombstone (me being me), which terrified my teacher, so she called my parents for a meeting… hence the argument coming up again, about me needing to see a therapist or not. After that experience, I decided to keep everything to myself… and I made sure that no one ever saw me talking to dead people again!


Things starting to shift around


When I got older… my gifts started to increase in some areas, while they decreased in other areas. For one thing; I could no longer talk to dead people. I sensed they were still there around me, but that was all I experienced with direct communication with the dead. I could however feel what other people were feeling… and I knew what they’re going to do, even before they actually did it. I thought everyone could do things like this, and that this was normal for everyone.


I was protected by Angels


My angels made sure that I was safe from harm. For example: One day when I was in the shower I got out to change the cassette tape on the radio with wet hands… and I heard my female angel say “eh eh ahhhh” … which seemed like she was telling me not to do that. I grab my towel, and I ran out of the house immediately, as the voice was such a shock to my system. When I was sad or depressed I would hear them say “You are a child of light, a light bearer… don’t be afraid.” Later I was afraid of that label, we’ll get to that in a subsequent article.


The mysterious has always been a part of my life

I’ve always felt comfortable in the world of Witchcraft (spells, weather predictions, foresight etc.), and it was what I knew on a deep level, and was also what my soul seemed to be used to. So, my friends and I experimented with the Ouija board, but little did I know, that I could summon spirits easily. The problem was (is) however, that I cannot seem to get them to go home… which is a little unsettling to say the least.


So, we (me and my sister), have a ghost named Esmeralda following us around now, but mostly my sister now, who’s not very happy about it. That same night however, I saw a hand close the blinds in the upstairs hallway. Later that week… my mother washed the kitchen floor and she had no paper towels in the house. She had left the room for an hour or so, and then came back into the Kitchen, and there were paper towels on the floor with foot prints on them (With no one else was in the house). She was a little freaked out by that experience.


We all have some kind of gifts


All this happened to me, between the ages of 5-12. We all have these gifts within us, and some loose them, some stifle them, and some try to snuff them out completely. By the way, you cannot completely resist your gifts by stifling them, and you probably shouldn’t do that either. It’s best to accept yourself as you are (a spiritual being), and to accept the gifts that you’ve been given. You absolutely have a purpose, and maybe we can find our true purpose together. I have more stories to tell you, and I would be more than happy to share them with you all!


I hope you all have a great day filled with love and light!


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