Is this a UFO?

Hello everyone, just sharing a picture someone close to me took last December. This was taken in the early morningContinue readingIs this a UFO?< ...

Write your own Obituary before you die?

Write your own Obituary before you die?       Now you may be saying to yourself, “This is soContinue readingWrite your own Obituary ...

We all have stores to tell and share!

Tricia is a new contributor in our social groups area, and this article was transcribed and transferred here, to helpContinue readingWe all have ...

The power of Love and Forgiveness!

Love and Forgiveness     What is love exactly? I think all of us have asked that question more thanContinue readingThe power of Love ...

Stopping the wheel of Karma!

Stopping the wheel of Karma     In life there are moments that challenge us, and force us to askContinue readingStopping the wheel of ...

Charlie Goldsmith And John Edward

Charlie Goldsmith and John Edward!   #getesoteric ...

Don’t forget to join our social networking groups!

Don’t forget to register for our new social networking feature, where you can share your thoughts on specific group subjects.Continue ...

Finally Looking Within!

What does it mean to look within, and how does meditation play a key role in self-discovery?     TheContinue readingFinally Looking ...

Law of one!

The RA Material     Here are the RA books: some of the most interesting “controlled study” channeled information ofContinue ...

Looking for a place to start?

Looking for a place to start?   For those of you that are new to the Esoteric subjects, whom mayContinue readingLooking for a place to?< ...


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