Empathy and the need for alignment and balance!

Empathy and the need for alignment and balance! Video ...

learning non reaction

This video covers briefly the idea of non-reaction, and how non-reaction, and doing our inner work can really help us. It also covers the idea that ...

Website Overview and Remote Interviews!

Today we discuss the features of our website, as well as the offerings we have with doing remote interviews for those who have Esoteric, Spiritual, or ...

How to avoid being emotionally manipulated!

How to avoid being emotionally manipulated! Be the social outcast When you look at life today I believe through observation - that it’s becoming ...

Let your thoughts go!

In you're meditation practice or even during your busy day, are you ever plagued by distracting or negative thoughts? If so there is one practice that ...


This is my video tribute to my Brother Patrick Currin Jr and his friend Zack on Vocals. This song is called Water, and it's my absolute all time ...

What’s the problem with your imperfections?

What’s the problem with your imperfections?     Today we are going to talk about the problem with our imperfections. The title of this ...

Mastering Diabetes! #getesoteric #esoteric ...

The Power Of Chi! #getesoteric #esoteric ...

Abraham – Lack Of Motivation

Abraham Hicks 2018 - Feeling Lack of Motivation           ...


Sat Nam! – For truth seeking, and all the things you never knew, including the Interpersonal, life Coaching, Spiritual, Philosophical, Esoteric and Paranormal subjects! Learn, Share and Grow Together! Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts on spirituality, self help, and motivation… but never felt there was a good place to do that with like-minded individuals? Do you have a story to tell about your Esoteric experiences (UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Mysterious Creatures, Angels, Channeling, or the Paranormal), but never found the right place to share those stories? If so this group is for you, as well as our amazing website, where we post articles and videos on all these subjects! Learn, Share and Grow!


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