My own esoteric experiences – Part Two – Who was that?

Part two of my spiritual stories



Part two of my spiritual and esoteric stories, is going to set the stage for some amazing, related experiences later on in my overall story. In part one, we discussed the beginning experience, of the remembrance of before I was born. I mentioned that I was unsure if the memory was real, or if it was something I made up in my mind as a very small child. Although I cannot imagine how this definitely being part of my memory for my entire life since birth – could in any way be a fake memory. No matter the truth, this was still the single event that would stick with me for my entire life, and the thing that I’d turn to as a constant reminder that life is more amazing than it seems.


Because of this event


Because of this event, I’ve always questioned things including religion; especially the dogmatic parts of religion, while on the other hand knowing with all my heart that the philosophy behind all religions shared a common core (common logical patterns), which seem indisputable. The truth of God’s love (the all-encompassing and unconditional love I felt when being born). I never remember being in the womb by the way, which is different from many who tell this story, but I think some have that experience, and some don’t perhaps. Or maybe some remember that part and others don’t. I distinctly remember choosing almost seemingly last minute to come into this life, and was immediately born. Now onto the main story next…

At this point in my life, I think I was around 7 years old. This story starts out with a relative whom had an amazing yet “kind of scary experience (in their words).” I’ve not gotten permission to share the person’s name yet, so I’ll leave their identity silent for now.


It was late at night



It was late at night… I think around 2 or 3AM (from what I remember), and the person was asleep, and then woke up suddenly. Out in the hall was a very bright amber light, that seemed to move around as she moved. In this house, there are no windows in this small hallway where light could have come into that area directly, especially not this bright. After this experience however, it was remembered that this was also just after the death of this persons Nephew. She felt as though it was a visitation before leaving the earth, but was so scared that they ran back into their bedroom, and pulled the covers over their head. They peeked out after a few minutes, and the light was gone. An event like this only happened once in over forty years in that hall space. There is another story like this in another home this person experienced, so we’ll follow up with that one later as well.


I was told this amazing story as a child, and it blew me away



I was told this first story as a child, which was for me, the second spiritually related case, that got me thinking about the afterlife, and the amazing power we all have as spiritual beings. I grew up with a lot of anxiety in my early years, and this was in some way very comforting to me. I was always afraid of death when I was younger for some reason, so this event began to change my mind about the afterlife, and it helped me cope with my fear of death in those early years. I began to think logically about life after death, and that we might have more control over what happens to us when we die, and can decide whom we get to go visit with after death. This was more outside of the norm of what we’re taught in religion.  It seems religion sometimes treats humans as second-class citizens with no control over what happens to us when we die. This new experience for me changed my thinking on that, and was the foundation of my thoughts about spiritual liberation.


I kept this story in the back of my mind



I kept this story in the back of my mind, not knowing for sure if it was true, or just someone dreaming or something. I would later find out, that this kind of thing would happen exactly the same way, and not just in this house, but in another. We’ll get to that in one of the other articles. To understand this person’s openness to the spirit world more; this person used to be into card reading, and doing astrology etc., and from what I remember, they were pretty good at it. Later on, starting in my late teens, early twenties, whenever I would feel down, or something wasn’t working in my life, I would ask them to read my cards.

This is sort of a psychic activity as well, not just the random reading of cards. There was a part of it that Is the random reading of related information about the cards meaning, but also there were things that would come out spontaneously that seemed spot on. I found a lot of comfort in this occasional activity, even if it was true or not. I began to find interest in the process, and the idea of someone having the ability to either predict the future, or to send messages from our guides or angels. To me I felt there was purpose in the activity, as I was starting to have faith that something guides things in life… at a higher level than we consciously think about.


My interest at this time was only on the surface



My interest at this time was only on the surface in the general sense, because I felt the person was not an actual medium, and only seemed partially psychic (more intuitive I think they call it). So, at the time, it was more of a fun exercise, and it seemed to give me some hope in times of wonder about the future. Many things did seem to come true, but also seemed a bit generalized too, so who really knows. I bring this up to assist in the visualization of the various ways I was introduced to the Esoteric world.

From these experiences, and my expressed interest in the subjects at that time, I began to question so many things in my life as I got older. I would begin to question politics, medicine, education, and found a definite interest in the stories people were telling about extraterrestrial abductions, visitations, UFO sightings, and other worldly happenings such as ghost sightings etc. This interest in the Esoteric would come gradually over time.


Taking a step back again



Anyway, to take the step back again… At about the age of 9 or 10, I had another amazing experience that would only solidify my faith in an unknown power at work in our lives. Our family was invited to an outing at a lake, with a bunch of other kids of varying ages. At that point, I was a pretty good and confident swimmer. I was the kind of kid though that always wanted to be with the adults, rather than hanging out with the kids all the time, because the conversations seemed much more interesting to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of time to just be a kid and play, it was just that I was drawn to adults and their conversations and activities. I was always wanting to learn as much as I could about the world, and I wanted to grow up so fast. For example, if there was someone working in an area of our town digging up the streets, I was the kid there watching the entire thing for the entire day, and helping out if I could. I wanted to know how everything worked. I outlined this a bit in my article named, “The Power of intention and the story of my life”.


Back to the outing again!



So, back to the outing again! We’re all at this point, just sitting there at the dockside playing various games and messing around as kids will do. Someone asked us if we all wanted to be towed on the dock raft by the boat around the lake. We all answered of course with a resounding “yes!” They were asking some of the older kids to help with spotting, to ensure the safety of the other kids. There were two adults in the boat, one spotter and one boat operator. The operator wanted two spotters just in case. The man was operating the boat, while the woman was spotting. No one in the group of kids wanted to offer to help spot, so I begrudgingly decided to help out (even with being younger), since it was the adult thing to do. I was torn between wanting to be the adult, and wanting to be with the other kids though.

Anyway, all the kids loaded up on the raft and we tied up the boat to the raft. The raft was double the normal square raft, and was in a large rectangle shape from what I remember (probably like 16 feet long, and 8 feet wide). This raft was made of solid wood, and with old metal 55-gallon barrels on the bottom for floats. There was no way to tell the actual condition of the raft underneath, and it looked as if it was around for a while though. So, we head out into the lake, and the kids were laughing and trying to all hold on, and they looked as if they were all having so much fun.


I immediately had second thoughts


I immediately had second thoughts about being in the boat now, as the kids all looked as though they were having so much fun on the raft, and I wanted to be a part of it now. So, I started to talk with the women about wishing I had gone onto the raft instead, and that it really only takes one person to spot. She agreed! I said I could just dive off the back of the boat, and made a gesture to do it. She said yeah, yeah go ahead and do it, and I said okay, and got ready to jump of the back of the boat when the operator of the boat yelled NO! I was already committed at that point (in motion), and had dove off the back of the boat. I remember he shut the engine down just as I was jumping off the back of the boat toward the raft underwater.

I figured I would be able to come up right near the front of the raft. What happened next was so amazing. I dove into the water, and I could hear the kids yelling for me as the raft continued to move a bit from the motion, and I could hear them all at this point. I had over shot and came up directly underneath the raft, and hit my head slightly. I never hit hard enough to knock me out, but it did hit hard, and hurt a bit. In that very moment I remember trying to get my bearings under the raft, and was unable to open my eyes as usual, because I never could do that very well without it hurting too much. Also with it being a lake in New England the water was far too murky to see anything anyway. I was kind of struggling to get my bearings and seemed as though I ended up in the center of the raft.


This was way past the raft



The boat depicted here is a lot smaller, but the raft/dock was about the right size, but much older. You’d probably not get away with doing this today with all of the safety regulations. 


So at this point, I had just hit my head, and then was reaching around feeling nothing but barrels on all sides, and out of nowhere comes what felt like a huge strong arm, that pulled me about 150 feet away form the back end of the raft. This was way past the raft, and way out of dangers way. It was the most amazing feeling when this happened. I remember this like it was yesterday! I then came up out of the water (seemingly by the same force) looking for this person who just pulled me away from the raft, and up out of the water, and there was no one there at all. I kept yelling to the kids, “who pulled my out of the water?”, “c’mon – who pulled me out of the water? “All of the kids kept laughing at me, and saying you’re crazy, no one pulled you out of the water, you just came up on your own! I believe that because it was not my time, and that I’ve not accomplished the things I came here to accomplish/experience yet, that a heavenly being had intervened on my behalf in that situation, to ensure that I had a chance to live this life out more. After this happened, I began to ponder the nephew of the relative I knew, that had passed away. Had they been looking over me too, and had they been the one to save my life on this day?

I also thought, what was it that they thought I might not be able to get myself out of? Was it that one of the barrels undeath was rusted out, and would cut me (or catch me), was it that there was rope under there, that might tie me up. I wondered what It was that I needed to be saved from, and remember feeling what felt like some rusted out spots on one of the barrels, the instant that I was pulled out with such force, and so quickly. It was an indescribable power that took me out from under that raft, that I won’t forget for as long as I live.



So, from this point on, I had a fairly open mind about the Esoteric subjects of spirits, and angels etc. I had no idea what this was, but I knew it had to be something angelic, or sent form heaven, or the other side, or whatever the other side was. I was sort of amazed and confused at the same time!

The stories will continue in part 3

Namaste Everyone!

Rick Maki

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